You can now charge your phone without a wire

So the walls, floor, and ceiling comprise aluminum panels, while in the center you'll find a floor-to-ceiling copper pipe that resembles an exercise pole.

So, it's like you just walk in a room, and your devices start charging automatically. This development represents a significant step forward in wireless power delivery technologies, which usually require close proximity to wireless charging pads in order to transfer power. The video below explains more about the technology: The QSCR technique works by inducing electrical currents into metalized walls, floors and ceilings in a room. These receivers can be connected to a device, like a phone or fan, to supply it with power. A coil receiver then connects this signal to the capacitors in the pole and this system enables power to be transmitted to receiving coils that operate at the same resonant frequency as the magnetic fields. If the receiver coil is parallel to the plane, it receives no power, which defeats the idea behind this project since the point is to enable people to charge their devices anywhere in the room.

The receivers use a coil of wire to resonate at the same frequency, providing power to a device.

Their method, called quasistatic cavity resonance, has the potential to make wireless electrical power as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi. The only catch was that the room need to be constructed entirely from metal (aluminium).

Now for the 64,000 dollar question: will being in this room fry your brain? The prototype living room can transfer power wirelessly to 10 devices like the smartphone, a fan, a lamp, an RC vehicle and more.

Matthew J Chabalko from Disney Research said that our simulations show we can transmit 1.9 kilowatts of power while meeting federal safety guidelines.

Disney Research has recently revealed research into tech that could power a mobile phone as soon as it enters a room. The thing is, the devices in the room need to be using that energy or it could become a hazard.

The researchers published the results of this study in PLOS One.

"In this work, we've demonstrated room-scale wireless power, but there's no reason we couldn't scale this down to the size of a toy chest or up to the size of a warehouse", concludes Sample. First, it's not safe for a person to stand within 46 centimeters of the copper pole.

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