Spotify Hi-Fi music tier tipped with lossless audio

As The Verge reported, the streaming service Spotify is supposed to start a Hi-Fi offer with uncompressed audio streams, which would deliver music in high quality and is now being tried out by a small group.

The leaked promotion was spotted by Reddit users in the USA on 1 March, with some posting screenshots showing the new tier priced at $5 above the current $9.99 a month cost for Spotify Premium (£9.99 in the UK), and others with notifications stating that the upgrade would cost $10 or more.

Spotify has launched tests on Tuesday about a new offer called Spotify Hi-Fi and to deliver music streams in particularly high quality.

Spotify would also gain much more profit, possibly doubling what they already make each month if every user opted for the additional $10/month. Now called Spotify Hi-FI, the offering became available to select Premium subscribers yesterday as part of a what appears to be an A/B test to determine the best price point. Another screenshot, however, is making the rounds on Reddit, showing no features apart from lossless audio streaming but for $10 a month.

Tidal, before it was Tidal, was the first to really play with the idea of charging twice the subscription price for higher quality audio, and what was then known as WIMP initially developed the Tidal brand specifically for that element of its service.

Anyone get this invitation for Spotify Hi-Fi?

The latest move in the battle for streaming service dominance.

The company is now pushing towards profitability and pushing for their 40 million for-pay subscriber base to upgrade is key in making their profitability goal happen according to their 2017 projections. This is perhaps Spotify's way of testing which pricing tier users will find more alluring.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new Hi-Fi offering from Spotify coming, hopefully, soon.

Spotify is openly testing a lossless streaming option.

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