Lorde announces new single 'Green Light'

The song is clearly about Lorde coming home to New Zealand to find herself missing a boy who blew it with her, your textbook "tour's over and nothing feels the same" lament.

After endlessly teasing fans on Twitter, Lorde released her long-awaited single, "Green Light", on March 2, along with a video directed by Grant Singer.

"Green Light" is, like all of Melodrama, a collaboration with Jack Antonoff - a fact that will probably garner it (somewhat justifiable) comparisons to Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods".

So now that Lorde is an establishment pop star, can she still be as weird and revolutionary as she was back then?

The New Yorker magazine said, "heartbreak has given a much-needed shock to her system". He tweeted excitedly about unconventional way they recorded "Green Light". Looks like she's going to put the summer on fire this year.

"It was good for me, I think", she admitted. The song opens with haunting piano tones and frustrated lyrics, "I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth". And now, with iHeartRadio All Access on demand, when listeners hear "Green Light" on the radio, for the first time ever, they can instantly replay the song and even save it directly to their playlist.

"I knew it just couldn't be any old thing". "There's definitely moments [on the album] where it's like "oh, she really went there"..." "Green Light" pulls off a trick similar to "Royals" with the way it feels at once in conversation and a little apart from everything else on the radio right now - immediate but still forward-thinking.

It's been almost four years since New Zealand singer-songwriter phenom Lorde's minimalist pop-on-pop reflection "Royals" made an global superstar of her, rubbing elbows on the charts with the radio royalty it coyly cast off in its lyrics.

Reflecting on the difference between LA, New York and Auckland, she spoke of her love for her hometown.

Following the release of her album - which she debuted at the age of 16 - Lorde (born Ella Yelich-O'Connor) became the youngest singer to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart since 1987, when Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" reigned supreme.

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