What Happens in 'The Bachelor' Fantasy Suite Doesn't Stay There

Nick said that he's just wanting to make sure that they both compromise and reciprocate for each other. Vanessa is not happy about the ice bath and threatens Nick: "I want to murder Nick - chop him up and feed him to the reindeer". He also hinted that he would not be down to move to Montreal. Nick, taking things one step further, declares, "I might be white but I'm still a minority".

Corinne Olympios is my inspiration I will never get mad again I will just walk away and return with a glass of champagne.

Still, the fantasy suite invitation was offered, complete with Chris Harrison's enviable penmanship and a fake-looking skeleton key. They kicked off their date with a Finnish tradition: a plunge in an outdoor pool and then a stint in a sauna. On Monday night, the fantasy suite dates came to a close, and all that's left is that final rose ceremony.

We wonder how smoothly Rachel will handle things when her Bachelorette Tell-All special rolls around.

If you turned off your TV at that point, you probably have higher than average emotional intelligence. or something like that.

Corinne's apologists, including Josephine and Jasmine, piled on and accused Taylor of being stuck up, which made Taylor cry. One more minute and that cheesy pasta would've been smashed in Corinne's face. This is way better than that time she vomited in zero gravity! She is going to be great on The Bachelorette. When Rachel told Nick okra was disgusting, his rebuttal was "you hate everything". Long-gone Lacey threw in a dig about being friend zoned.

"You have made it so easy for me to love you, that I felt I missed an opportunity during hometowns to tell you". Tonight on The Bachelor, Nick Viall said goodbye to future Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, which leaves Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi to vie for Nick's final rose.

Taylor vs. Corinne Nap Edition: The claws came out in full force as Taylor and Corinne's fight showed up at "The Women Tell All". Rachel said it is an "honor". I was lucky to have had her in my life, and I wish her nothing but the best in the insane and exciting journey she's about to take. However, the site reported that Vanessa apparently wasn't there to try on dresses (if you want to believe that). She said she did come off more promiscuous than she had intended though. He sent Danielle Maltby home and Kristina too. Raven is the fantasy; Vanessa is the reality. In the Bachelorverse, each moment of screen time is an audition to become the next Bachelorette/Bachelor, and it's easy to see why Rachel was chosen. The Bachelor Nation, however, is doubtful if Nick Viall will actually propose to Vanessa or announce in the finale that he is not ready to get engaged nor married.

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