Trump Met With Russian Ambassador In 2016

His pattern has become obvious. This has left something of an impression on the American people, at least according to a CNN poll out today, which shows 55 percent of us are somewhat or very concerned about the allegations. "I never said this!"

News on possible connections between Trump's inner circle and Russian Federation has been coming out at least since 2007, when Trump tried and failed to launch a building project in Moscow.

Let's start with Trump's view of Vladimir Putin and Russian Federation. Hicks was responding to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov's assertion that "there were contacts" between Russians and Trump-whisperers. It concerns how Russian Federation tried to affect the presidential election and whether it was working secretly with Donald Trump's campaign. Campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page took a "leave of absence" from the campaign after news broke that he repeatedly met with high-level Russian officials, including Igor Diveykin, who the US believes was responsible for gathering intelligence on the American election.

But it's not just Democrats keeping a close eye on the Russian Federation controversy.

After the Post and Times cast Mr. Sessions as a liar who is unfit for office, the calls began for his resignation, and even some Republicans helped the Democrats by calling for Mr. Sessions to recuse himself from DOJ's Russian probe. JD Gordon was the campaign's national security adviser at the time.

The continuing swirl of questions about Russia and whether any Trump campaign officials had contacts with Russian officials continues to be a major political distraction for the White House, Republican strategist John Feehery said.

Attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions are ridiculous.

"In the Newsmax piece, Trump states, ".and I've had a sort of a semi-nice relationship with Putin". Some media reports claim the information was false and deliberately leaked to hurt the Trump campaign. Trump's tweets have attacked members of his own party as well as congressional Democrats.

Talked with Russian operatives before the election took place; refused to put out their tax papers; accused the CIA, FBI, NSA of not doing their jobs; total put downs toward the women and men who serve our great country on a daily basis; delegitimizing of our free press, First Amendment of our Constitution; nominated the most unqualified people into Cabinet positions, people who a few years ago stated, "I would close down the EPA and other agencies"; Trump saying that Clinton was in the pockets of Wall Street and then putting in six people from Goldman Sachs, the very group of people who brought our country to its knees; Trump openly talking about ending North Atlantic Treaty Organisation day after day; putting America and Americans down and at the same time building up Russia/Putin; legitimizing Breitbart news media; Priebus asking the FBI to talk down the investigation into Flynn and the Russians. That quest would not be carried out with the intention of taking the presidency away from Mr. Trump and the Republicans. The day after that he "simmered with rage", the newspaper reported, as he summoned his senior aides to chew them out. They keep holding up these hearings so the president can not get his Cabinet in place. That would involve federal investigators, not the president, obtaining a warrant approved by a U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge.

But Mr Kislyak's secretive meetings with Mr Trump's closest allies continue to raise eyebrows.

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