JCC Bomb Threat Suspect Nabbed Following Israeli-Led Int'l Investigation

A months-long worldwide investigation led to the 19-year-old suspect, who used "advanced camouflage technologies" to cover his tracks, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

Israeli police announced the arrest of a 19-year-old for phoning in the phony threats, but refused to release his name. They believe the teenager is also involved in threats made in the U.S., New Zealand and Australia.

"Israel's Channel 10 TV showed footage of the suspect appearing in court in the central Israeli city of Rishon Letzion".

"He's the guy who was behind the JCC threats", Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said, according to The Times of Israel.

The threats across the US have forced people to vacate dozens of Jewish Community Centers, schools, offices and day-care centers, fostering fears about anti-Semitism nationwide. Today, the JTA news site published a recording of one bomb threat called into a Jewish community center.

The head of a Jewish community center in New Jersey that had been targeted by bomb threats says he's thankful that USA and global law enforcement prioritized the investigation and have caught a suspect.

"If we were to pull back and not do those things, then we're allowing those people who are spewing the hatred or the lack of tolerance, we're giving them that platform and that's not something we're prepared to do", said Jon Shapiro, the vice president of membership at the JCC.

Rosenfeld says the man, from the south of Israel, used advanced technologies to mask the origin of his calls.

According to his lawyer, the suspect has been suffering from a brain tumor since the age of 14, which affects his behavior and led him to be home-schooled, Ynet reported.

Council president Stephen Goodman said he could not confirm any such threat had been made, but the council's sympathies were with anyone who may have been affected. The threat allegedly led to an emergency landing.

Shapiro said the recent threats are a few of many that Jews have faced over thousands of years.

Although the arrest was made Thursday, a federal official told NBC that authorities came very close to an arrest on Monday. Attorney General Jeff Sessions praised the joint U.S. Juan Thompson, a former journalist from St Louis, is accused of making several threats to Jewish organiszations while posing as an ex-girlfriend as part of a revenge plot against her.

Israel's Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said in a text message that the national police force led a "complex worldwide investigation, together with law enforcement agencies around the world, which led to the arrest of the suspect".

It said they were spread across 37 states and two Canadian provinces. "He used different computer systems so he couldn't be backtracked", he said.

"He didn't use regular phone lines".

The ADL, JCC Association of America and Jewish Federations of North America all welcomed news of the arrest.

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