'Justice League' Releases Its New Trailer And It Looks Absolutely Incredible

The first official trailer for Justice League was released on Saturday and it looks good, full of scenes featuring some of the most loved superheroes pulling off stunts and setting off explosions which look visually spectacular. However, even when we already have an idea of how the DC heroes will come together, it's still exciting to finally see it all in the official two and a half minute trailer.

USA Today published a new interview with director Zack Snyder to coincide with the release of the new Justice League trailer.

This film is important to Warner Bros. and DC Comics as the 2016 films Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad did not fare well with critics, although die-hard DC comic fans thought otherwise. As a result of Snyder's brilliance, the "Justice League" trailer welcomes the supergroup of evil fighters as they unite together in battle.

While this first look keeps the movie's major plot points close to its chest, it seems as though Batman and Wonder Woman are responsible for recruiting the rest of the Justice League in the face of a looming alien threat.

The film's cast also includes Henry Cavill as Superman though he is missing from the trailer. The same can be said for Justice League.

Using footage from Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Ultron crashes their party, and Captain America: Civil War, when they argue with each other about the Sokovia Accords, DrMachakil makes it appear as though Earth's Mightiest Heroes feel threatened as they watch the latest Justice League trailer suddenly appear on their big screen television. However, the "Argo" star withdrew from directing his own film.

The character was seemingly killed off in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but there are very few who don't expect his absence to be temporary. But as any DC fan worth their weight in Dark Knight DVDs knows, there is no keeping Superman dead and buried. He pointed that Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman, is this "inked hairy man" stomping around, who also happens to be this mythical figure.

Justice League is slated to hit theaters nationwide later this year on November 17.

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