Nintendo Prefers Super Mario Run's Payment Model To Fire Emblem Heroes'

The more recent Fire Emblem Heroes is a freemium game though, and according to the Nikkei Asian Review it has enjoyed the long-term success that has eluded Super Mario Run. This seems to indicate that future Nintendo games may revert to a Super Mario Run style payment method- although there is a possibility that Nintendo will not price them as high as it did with Mario.

It's this mixing of paradigms - game systems commonly associated with freemium games but with a premium cost - that has caused much of the controversy around Super Mario Run. Though the game saw tons of downloads, only about five percent of those users actually went on to purchase the game.

While talking about Super Mario Run's shortcomings, the official made the comparison to Nintendo's second mobile game release, Fire Emblem Heroes. It is now being reported that the game app is unexpectedly force closing on users after displaying the Nintendo logo with the following error message: "error has occurred (support code 804-5100)". Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima admitted that the game has underperformed.

Among some of the important things to know when playing "Super Mario Run" for the first time, as listed by Tech Radar, is that the game, while free, will only have three levels from world one.

Yet [Super Mario Run] was less of a moneymaker for Nintendo than might have been expected, due to the pay-once-and-play model. "We honestly prefer the "Super Mario Run' model".

Nintendo's pay-once model has always been cited as the main reason as to why a lot of people didn't buy the game. Nintendo prefers the model nonetheless.

It's a common knowledge how disappointment Android users felt when Nintendo launched the game for iOS only.

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