Local vinyl shops gear up for Record Store Day

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Record stores have not only survived pirated music, digital downloads and online streaming services.

The worldwide day (which promotes vinyl sales and rare collector's items) is dedicated to "record culture, record lovers, record makers and most of all, the unbelievable record stores that make it all possible", says recordstoreday.com. He will be featuring several hundred used records priced under $5, which he describes as "a crate digger's dream". With such a vibrant music scene in the area, this event adds to the bubbling fountains of creativity. "But the more it inspires people to do their own local label, local band day and expand from there, the healthier music as a whole will be". "Vinyl will sound more warm and inviting". For instance, the record could only be sold on Record Store Day.

Learn more about their event here.

"I chose to participate in [Record Store Day] in order to better serve my customers". Customers should have a wish list ready, Crain said, and "I'll pull one of everything they want".

Live bands: Melbourne band Rhysics playing at Music Farmers before The Vanns and Luke Spook took the stage on Saturday afternoon in Wollongong.

"It is a great give-and-take", Matone said.

He expects most of the business will be done within a first half-hour of the store's doors opening, as excited music fans are sure to get there early to wait in line.

Two David Bowie albums will be released this year - a replication of a 1971 promotional album and a triple LP of Bowie's live Los Angeles performance from 1974.

The 2017 shebang? It's on Saturday, April 22, all over the place, so find your go-to favorite store, down the street or a few neighborhoods away, and see what it has going for the big occasion. Plus, we will have special giveaways throughout the day and a food truck parked outside.

Catharines and SRCVinyl in Niagara Falls will open at 8 a.m.to greet eager vinyl buffs hoping to scoop some of the exclusive releases sent to specialty record stores around the world.

In Swindon, record fans and DJs will be queuing up to be first for the latest releases in Red House Records within Holmes Music on Faringdon Road.

The number of independent record stores leveled off at about 2,000 before growing over the past five years to a number that's closer to 2,400, Lowe said.

"I am glad to be a part of it because my passion is music", Matone said. You'll also be able to meet Thelonious Monk's grandson.

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