Tom Cruise reveals 'Top Gun 2' to start filming soon

Top Gun celebrated its 30th anniversary past year and it was one of the films that made Tom Cruise a household name.

Cruise, now promoting his latest film "The Mummy", was speaking on the Wednesday edition of Australia's morning TV show "Sunrise" when he was asked by the host if rumors of "Top Gun 2" were true.

"It's true", Cruise repeated to the apparently surprised newscaster.

The actor said filming will likely begin within the next year.

Fans of the classic 1980s action movie have been hoping for a sequel for a while now - hopes that grew larger after Cruise admitted a year ago during an episode of "The Graham Norton Show" that he'd been working with producer Jerry Bruckheimer to get the ball rolling. Rest assured, he wants everyone to know "it is definitely happening". He added, "It's definitely happening". Cruise is now doing a press tour for his upcoming film for Universal Pictures, The Mummy. At the time, when host Norton asked, Cruise said "no".

Top Gun was directed by Tony Scott and also starred Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards and Tom Skerritt.

Hit the comments to dish and discuss whether you're ready and excited for a Top Gun sequel.

"Top Gun" celebrated its 31st anniversary in the U.S. May 16.

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