Trump says it again: MX will pay for wall

On July 7, Trump met with Nieto at the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Immigration chatter aside, Trump and Nieto reportedly had a productive meeting Friday, especially in regards to their discussions on NAFTA.

"Absolutely", he told reporters, responding to a shouted question about whether Mexico would still pay for the wall.

The meeting comes following Peña Nieto canceling a meeting with Trump that had been planned for this past February.

The issue of the wall itself has been a wildly controversial topic in American and worldwide politics, but the most recent and significant concern has been regarding the funding of the wall, to which Trump has continuously insisted that Mexico will pay for the wall.

This is the first sit-down between the Mexican leader and Trump since Trump visited Mexico last August, before his election victory. People have debated whether he meant "there's no way" Mexico could pay for such a massive project, or if he was saying "there's no way" they would, but the gist is the same.

On Friday, Trump said they are making "very good progress" on "negotiating NAFTA and some other things with Mexico".

Trump, who met with Pena Nieto during the campaign a year ago, insists that even if US taxpayers have to cover the costs upfront, Mexico will eventually be forced to reimburse the U.S.in some way.

In addition Trump has angered Mexico with attacks on Mexican immigrants as "criminals, drug dealers and rapists" and his insistence on holding tough new trade negotiations with its southern neighbour. "He didn't. Trump is a bully, but Pena Nieto is a coward".

Trump's comment before the bilateral meeting ignited outrage across Mexico, with much of the irea trained on Nieto himself. Let's see how it all turns out.

Aside from the border wall, Trump said the US and Mexico have made "very good progress" on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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