Shark Attack at Haulover Beach; Swimmer Hospitalized

California officials reported sightings of 25 great white sharks off the southern coast after a woman had been bitten by a shark while swimming in waters near San Onofre State Beach in April, according to local reports.

Lt. Felipe Lay of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue says the unidentified man was swimming Sunday afternoon off Haulover Beach when he was attacked.

Graphic video from Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina shows an apparently well-meaning man wade into the water to free a 4-foot-long tiger shark - and the shark thanks him by taking a big bite out of his arm. The victim was leaving the water with other swimmers after lifeguards saw the shark and ordered an evacuation.

Shark attacks have been steadily declining in frequency since 2015, during which there were a record high 98 around the globe.

According to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesperson Erika Benitez, lifeguards advised swimmers to get out of the water; however, one swimmer remained in the water and was bitten by a shark.

Despite the increased sightings, Skomal said beachgoers don't necessarily need to be alarmed or afraid to get in the water.

The incident marks the first shark attack on the beach, and it is believed to be a first for the Miami-Dade county. So if a shark does come for you, claw at its eyes and gills.

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