Pew Poll: Majority of Republicans Think Colleges Have Negative Impact on US

Seemingly the only thing with bipartisan agreement was the view that the national news media is having a more negative effect than positive, with 85% of Republicans and 46% of Democrats (as opposed to 10% and 44% respectively) responding that the media is having a negative impact on the country. Less than two years ago - September 2015 - 54 percent of Republicans held a positive outlook on colleges/universities compared to 37 percent negative.

A majority of Republicans and GOP-leaning respondents to the poll - 58 percent - "say that colleges and universities have a negative effect on the country, up from 45% previous year", Pew reported.

That's not all. The survey also looks at the public's perception of various other facets of their lives, including religious institutions and the news media and so on.

But among Republicans, just 10 percent feel the news media helps the US and 85 percent think it hurts the country.

I'm guessing some of these negative views have to deal with the ideas that colleges are too "politically correct" or something.

"On balance, more liberal Democrats say the national news media has a positive (51%) than negative (39%) impact on the country".

73 percent of Republicans say churches and religious organizations have a positive effect compared with 50 percent of Democrats.

Nearly half of Americans, 47%, believe labor unions have a positive impact, while 32% view the impact of unions negatively.

The Pew Research findings didn't surprise a lot of folks n social media.

Even so, the share of Republicans under 50 who have a positive view of higher education has fallen by a whopping 21 percentage points since 2015.

Voters without a college degree backed Trump, 52 percent to 44 percent, while Hillary Clinton enjoyed a nine point margin among those with a degree.

Republicans have an increasingly dim view of colleges and universities and the effect those institutions have on the way things are going in the United States, according to a Pew Research Center survey released Monday.

Based on income levels, Republicans are less positive about higher education the more money they make.

59 percent overall have a positive outlook on churches/religious orgs. For example, Republicans have much more negative views of the press than Democrats, while Democrats have greater faith in labor unions. "Are these attitudes more an expression of backlash against rising cost of college and student debt load, and the accompanying belief that colleges are businesses that care more about their bottom line than students (as we've found in our research), or is this about the rise of an emboldened anti-intellectualism in the wake of the last presidential election?"

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