How to write a meaningful FCC comment supporting net neutrality

"No one wants their cable company to control what they can see and do on the internet, or to charge extra fees to access the content they want", said Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future, one of the leading organisations behind the protest. According to a report from the BBC, "Among the companies protesting, the headliners include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, AirBnB, Twitter and Snapchat".

Comedian John Oliver issued a call to action on net neutrality on a recent edition of Last Week Tonight.

Internet service providers and cable companies argue that Obama-era regulations enacted in 2015 meant to protect net neutrality are the wrong approach, and that a "light touch" is preferred.

ISPs have argued that Washington is hyper-focused on them as gatekeepers, while keeping a hands-off approach on edge providers as though they were still struggling garage-innovators, rather than behemoths with staggering valuations and market power. Accessing streaming services like Netflix, for example, might require you to pay more money.

The net neutrality rules that protect the open internet are in danger of being dismantled.

But Spalter also said Congress should "do right by all consumers to make these protections permanent under the law".

President Trump's appointed FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, began the process of compromising net neutrality just a few months after taking office.

If you value a free internet, find out who your Senator and Representatives are and flood their offices with calls supporting Net Neutrality.

The protest principally is aimed at a move by the U.S. communications regulator Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to remove an Obama-era rule that bars prioritisation of traffic.

In other words, Net Neutrality rules keep the internet free and open, allowing users to publish and access the content of their choice-that means you, photographers.

Pai wants the commission repeal the rules that reclassified internet service providers as if they were utilities.

Companies are coming together today for the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality to stress the importance of keeping the Internet open, fast and accessible to all.

These ISPs and other supporters of scrapping net neutrality claim that government legislation of the internet is an unnecessary barrier to innovation and economic growth.

What exactly is "net neutrality"? "Existing net neutrality rules should be enforced and kept intact".

As you roam the internet today, you will notice that participating websites, companies, and organizations have placed banners, pop-ups, and videos across their content, urging users to join their efforts.

The FCC already has the votes needed to pass the rollback but the comment period remains open until July 17th.

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