PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to experiment with FPS-only servers

Servers hosting this mode will appropriately be referred to as "hardcore servers" in-game.

And those who are happy with the third-person regular mode won't have to make a change.

Which is good news for all you first-person fanatics.

The next update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is going to be a big one.

Purists that like to play the game in first person view will be happy to know that servers dedicated to the first person mode will be hitting PU Battlegrounds in the next monthly update.

When limited to first-person view, the already-challenging PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will further ramp up in difficulty, with more tension to fill each match as it becomes much harder for players to see if there are enemies around.

He said: "Dedicated first-person servers will take some time as it requires a lot of work from all teams, [it's] not as easy as just flipping a switch".

Why is that? When you're playing in third-person mode, the camera's position allows you do things like look around corners and over cover without exposing yourself to danger or giving away your position.

Following up with more information, Greene states "We will bring 1st person only to EU/NA SOLO & DUO games first, and once we have polished the system, we will expand to other regions".

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