Apple Shows Off iOS 11 Features In New Videos

Here's how it works: Pressing the lock button five times in quick succession brings up the familiar "slide to power off" command, but also an "Emergency SOS" slider, which can be used to quickly call the emergency services, even on a locked iPhone not belonging to you. The latest models of iPhone come with the Touch ID feature which is a gateway to unlock your phone with the help of your fingerprint.

This feature is being rolled out in the public beta update which was started by the company in June.

Obviously, an intelligent crook could unlock the unconscious person's device before entering the Medical ID or SOS modes but Apple is betting on most people being honest or the feature being enabled before the user loses consciousness.

The feature has been incorporated to prevent forceful access to the phone by potential privacy intruders.

In 2014, a Virginia judge ruled police can't force suspects to give up their cellphone passwords, but with a warrant, they can force them to unlock their phones using the fingerprint scanner. At the same time, Apple disables the Touch ID and requires you to enter a passcode to re-enable Touch ID functionality.

The change, in the latest iOS 11 operating system, has been labelled a "cop button" after the authorities in the USA forced suspects to unlock their iPhones with their fingerprints. "A monumental leap for iPad". On tapping the power button, iOS 11 will show the option to either disable the Touch ID or dial emergency services.

The feature can also be adjusted in the Settings app.

The new iPhone 8 looks fascinating, and it also fits the hand perfectly.

Currently, there are ways around Touch ID, including turning off that option in your settings menu, but this is a handy way to do it without first unlocking your phone using your fingerprint.

Police in MI even 3D printed a murder victim's fingerprint in order to unlock a smart device.

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