Voice shopping gets a boost with Wal-Mart partnership with Google Express

Though Google Home now offers customers voice-shopping options to the retailer's rivals - Costco Wholesale and Target - Walmart will offer the largest assortment of any Google Assistant seller.

Walmart has announced a partnership with Google to offer customers voice-activated shopping through Google Assistant. Unlike Amazon, you will be able to purchase your products with its Online retailers and pickup through the official Walmart stores as well.

U.S. retailer Walmart and internet giant Google have teamed up to offer voice-enabled shopping and delivery services.

"The challenge here for Walmart is that in order to truly compete with Amazon, they need full access to the data, the voice stream that Google will never share with them", Eisenberg says.

In fact, Walmart noted one of the primary use cases for voice shopping will be the ability to build a basket of previously purchased items.

"And if voice commerce becomes popular and shoppers actually start searching for products by speaking to a device, Walmart is perhaps the only retailer in the USA that comes close to offering the breadth of Amazon's product catalogue", he continues. About 71 percent will use Echo devices, with the Google Home speaker trailing at 24 percent. Walmart would fulfill the orders made through Google at no extra charge.

The partnership makes plenty of sense given that Google doesn't really have an Amazon-like online store, but it does have an Alexa competitor.

Partnering with Amazon's Alexa was out of the question for Walmart, as they are fierce rivals and Amazon's voice commerce model is more of a closed one, notes Recode.

Separately, according to reports, Walmart has also been testing a pilot delivery service with Uber.

The capabilities established by the partnership will expand next year to include what Lore described as "experiences that now don't exist within voice shopping anywhere else".

There's a new kid moving onto Alexa's block: Walmart and Google have made a decision to pair up to offer a slew of items through voice shopping by way of Google Assistant.

"We know this means being compared side-by-side with other retailers, and we think that's the way it should be", Lore said.

Walmart customers will be able to link their Walmart account with Google. Or you went to the store only to realize they didn't have the brand you wanted?

Next month, Walmart regulars will be able to link their shopping accounts to Google Express and order items in just a few words. And it now provides free shipping on all orders over a per-store minimum amount (usually $25 to $35).

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