Microsoft In Talks For Xbox & PlayStation Users To 'CrossPlay'

The console will be backward compatible with Xbox One and Xbox One S titles.

The apparent decision to pull the original model comes nearly a year after Microsoft introduced the Xbox One S, a slimmer version of the console with slightly more processing power and a built-in 4K Blu-Ray Player.

The information follows recent news that Microsoft is now no longer selling its original Xbox One in the United States.

The Xbox One X, a newer version of the console featuring more powerful components, hits in November. That said, there is little doubt that the Xbox One X is a powerful machine- now we just have to see it in action and hope that developers bother. Microsoft believes that the two devices are a strong portfolio for the console gaming market and pulling sales for the original Xbox One will allow for better sales performance for the remaining two consoles.

The original Xbox One looked similar to a VCR unit and cost $100 more than Sony's PlayStation 4 (PS4).

Asked whether Microsoft is going to push marketing for 4K and definitively bash the PS4 Pro, Greenberg appeared to be iffy on it. Ever. Which means more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Editions have been pre-ordered than any other Xbox console in the past.

Do you still have your Xbox 360? Microsoft discontinued production of the Xbox One just a few months prior, according to Kotaku U.K., so this move has been a long time coming. The smaller console was widely accepted and praised over the original. That said, it'll no doubt be bigger thanks to the game's support for 4K assets.

If you have the original Xbox One, you might be thinking of upgrading to One S, which offers excellent Ultra HD Blu-Ray player for the right price.

Xbox One X owners will be playing. the waiting game.

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