Texas men who chanted 'Heil Hitler' charged in shooting after Spencer speech

William Fears was charged in Harris County last week with felony assault of a family member, after police said he choked his girlfriend. "It appears that the only answer left is violence, and nobody wants that".

Colt Fears said he agreed with about 75% of what Spencer says.

Winter Park businessman Chris King was the only Florida governor candidate to attend yesterday's protest of white supremacist Richard Spencer at University of Florida. Tenbrink is a convicted felon, police noted, and could face an additional charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Attorneys for the defendants did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The men threatened protesters, offered Nazi salutes and shouted chants about Hitler to the group near a bus stop, police said. The victim of the shooting heard someone in a moving vehicle shout at a group of people, "Hail Hitler!" along with other hateful chants.

When one of the general population in the gathering utilized a twirly doo to strike the back window of the speculates' Jeep, the three suspects got out and started shouting passing dangers. Tenbrink said he had driven from Houston to see Spencer speak, while William said he was "tired of the anti-white media" and thought the man who drove through a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August and killed Heather Heyer as a result, "wasn't unjustified". "We want to show our teeth a little bit because, you know, we're not to be taken lightly", William Fears told the Gainesville Sun.

Authorities said two others were arrested, including one for carrying a gun on campus and another for resisting an officer without violence. Police say two of the three have connections to "extremist groups".

One of those protesters was able to jot down a license number on the texas plate.

An off-duty Alachua County Sheriff's deputy spotted the men's Jeep when he stopped during his drive home to continue the search. Criminologists said Tenbrink admitted to the shooting, as indicated by his capture report.

The added precautions stem partly from Gov. Rick Scott's decision on Wednesday to declare a state of emergency before the event. The university, under the careful leadership of president Kent Fuchs, kept students safe and accommodated everyone's rights, while Spencer's appearance amounted to nothing but an amateurish spectacle.

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