Lawsuit claims Weinstein Company 'condoned and enabled' misconduct

"He then orally forced himself on me, while I was on my period", Haleyi said, her voice cracking with emotion as she recounted the alleged 2006 sexual assault.

She noted that, if Weinstein weren't such a prominent figure, it wouldn't have resulted in as much of a groundswell: "If it was some independent filmmaker that no one really knew much about, it would be in Variety and then gone the next day".

Haleyi claimed during a Tuesday press conference that the incident occurred at Weinstein's home in New York City in 2006, the New York Post reported. Haleyi had reportedly been delivered to Weinstein's hotel room by an assistant while under the presumption they would be discussing work.

Haleyi said she only told a few friends about the sex assault and didn't go to police. These are allegations made in statements, he said.

"I think that now that these conversations have begun, there's no way that we can go back to what the status quo has been for women in my industry", she added.

The persistent 65-year-old moviemaker also asked her to join him on a jaunt to Paris to attend couture shows. She declined and left, feeling "humiliated and stupid" for having been excited about the meeting, she said.

Her lawsuit asserts that the Weinstein Company and its board, including brother Bob Weinstein, was aware of its co-president's "pattern of using his power to coerce and force young actresses to engage in sexual acts with him", and that female employees of the firm acted as "honeypots" to lure women into "a false sense of security" before meeting with Weinstein.

Also this week, actress Dominique Huett said Weinstein sexually abused her in 2010 in Beverly Hills and she sued his company for negligence, marking the first civil suit over his alleged abuses since the scandal came to light.

Weinstein "was a complete gentleman" during that follow-up meeting, she recalled.

When he returned from Paris, Weinstein asked her to meet at his loft apartment in Soho.

Haleyi finally told Weinstein she wasn't interested in him romantically and that she had heard about his "terrible reputation with women". "I steered clear of him as soon as I could for the rest of the evening but soon forgot about it, until the New York Times and New Yorker pieces set off a landslide". "It is time for him to take meaningful action to demonstrate in deeds, not just words, that he is taking responsibility for what he has done and that he is willing to make amends to the victims", she said Tuesday.

Since the start of this month, Weinstein has faced numerous allegations of harassment and sexual abuse.

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