Apple fires engineer after daughter posts viral iPhone X vlog

"On Tuesday, I woke up and my iPhone X video was going viral", Peterson said in a new video. News reports have indicated the iPhone X had to confront supplier delays for parts. Peterson also posted a picture to Instagram of her and the new iPhone, which has also subsequently been removed.

"Rules are in place for the happiness and safety of workers, and my dad take absolutely fully responsibility for the one rule that he broke".

Apple has fired an engineer whose phone was featured in a video of the iPhone X before it was released, according to the daughter who posted the video.

KitGuru Says: Apple hasn't had much luck stopping product leaks over the last few years but this instance actually carried out right on its own campus. Apple asked her to take it down, and she did. Apple sacked employee over iPhone X Youtube video which was recorded on the Apple campus.

The video went viral and was promptly covered by many tech sites.

It is during this meeting that Peterson is given access to her father's iPhone X and includes a quick hands-on of the unreleased device in her video.

Talking about your company's product before its release gets you a one-way ticket to trouble town, as one unfortunate Apple employee just learned. This comes following reports that Apple was planning to go with glass and plastic hybrid lens for iPhones in 2018. This week, analysts are expected to question Apple CEO Tim Cook on whether slow iPhone 8 sales are a sign that shoppers waited for the more expensive iPhone X model or are buying new devices less frequently. Apple struggled to manufacture aspects of the new features, and the iPhone X's November 3 debut will be about six weeks after the arrival of the iPhone 8, which is a less sophisticated device.

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