Paris Games Week: Trailer for Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter: World is launching early next year, but if you're looking to get your sword-skills sharpened up, Capcom has you covered; a beta will be coming to PlayStation 4 owners this December. You'll be able to hunt the Great Jagras, an Anjanath and an armored Barroth.

Aloy will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, but the beta will be accessible to players across platforms.

An exclusive beta is planned to run from December 9 to December 12, with three different quests that can be played either on your own or via online co-op. Making the character playable for Monster Hunter: World should be a treat for those that adored the lead. Considering that the character is highly skilled when it comes to hunting creatures, it's not much of a shock to see her in "Monster Hunter: World".

The crossover, which was announced today during Sony's Paris Games Week conference, brings Alloy's bow and full armor set to Monster Hunter World. The Radobaan, a hulking beast that wears the carcasses scattered around the Vale for armor will need hunters to be quick and fast as they take off chunks of its bone armor and avoid its rolling attacks. Hunters can fearless the beast alone or with their team of four hunters.

Monster Hunter World will be making its way to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on January 26, 2018.

Look for more information on World in the weeks ahead.

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