Twitter employee on his last day deactivates Pres. Trump's account

Praise for the Twitter employee came from vocal Trump critic Ted Lieu, a Democratic member of Congress, who tweeted: "Dear Twitter employee who shut down Trump's Twitter: You made America feel better for 11 minutes". After Trump's Twitter account returned, details on what happened started to surface.

After President Trump's Twitter account was offline for around eleven minutes on Thursday, Twitter revealed that a rogue customer service employee had been behind the incident.

Twitter said they are continuing to investigate the incident and "are taking steps to prevent this from happening again".

Twitter says deactivating Donald Trump's Twitter account was an accident.

The brief disappearance of the president's Twitter account got the internet buzzing.

People have been calling on Twitter to suspend Trump's account for a long while, the reasons for which vary but include claims of terms violations and bullying. The account was restored by 7:03 p.m. "We are conducting a full internal review", Twitter said in a tweet.

It has declined further explanation, raising questions not only about its own safeguards but on Trump's heavy reliance on a single platform to broadcast his views. Accounts violating that rule may be subject to a temporary or permanent suspension, Twitter warns. It said that it considers a "number of factors" and that one of them is "newsworthiness" - suggesting the tweet will stay up because it is in the "public interest". Oddly enough, given how much he likes to tweet, he hasn't posted anything about the deactivation.

Trump has credited the social platform for helping him win the White House, but some close to the president reportedly worry that his prolific and often controversial tweeting could have dire consequences.

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