Payments via Facebook Messenger now available in the UK

So how does this new payment service work?

Facebook appears keen to highlight the security credentials of its P2P payment system, noting that debit card details will be encrypted and protected with bank level security.

Facebook has also launched M suggestions for payments into the Messenger app, which uses artificially intelligent virtual assistant M to identify when payment is being discussed in a conversation and present options to send or receive money.

A Facebook spokesperson didn't share details with Recode but also didn't deny the existence of the mobile payment test, which was first discovered on November 3 by The Next Web's Matt Navarra.

British Facebook users can now send money to each other through the social network giant's Messenger app.

Here's how you can send a payment via Facebook Messenger. Messenger is the best place to do many of these things, so it's bringing functionality to the art of conversation.

David Marcus is the head of Messenger at Facebook and a senior executive there. Facebook has a greater opportunity to monetize its service with additional revenue streams aside from advertising, including subscription fees for publications, earning a commission on payments and charging users to list products for sale in the Marketplace section. Users will need to link a debit card to their account before sending or receiving money.

According to a BBC report, Facebook chose the United Kingdom as its first region outside of the USA for its Messenger payments rollout as the country has so many "mobile-savvy consumers".

Payments in Messenger are fast, free and secure.

The money is then transferred to your friend in one to three business days. According to recent survey of almost 4,000 USA consumers by 451 Research, just 1% of them had used P-to-P payments in Facebook Messenger - less than Venmo, Square Cash, Google and FI payment solutions such as Zelle.

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