Google extends Files Go offline sharing app beta to more users

To target the next billion users, Google frequently makes apps that are optimized for developing markets around the world. It would appear that Google has finally noticed because it has been running an Early Access program on the Play Store for such an app that is called Files Go which is not in Open Beta. It recommends apps that aren't used often for removal, helps get rid of "spam and duplicate images" and helps users find everything on their phones by file type.

Apple has AirDrop for quick and easy file sharing between iPhones and other Apple devices. Besides, it can notify you when an app is not used for more than 30 days, when downloaded files are taking up space and when large media folders are taking up crucial space on your device. It will tell you Documents, Videos, Images, Downloads, and Received Files.

Download Files Go from the Play Store and agree to the beta's terms.

Screenshots show a simple application with two bottom tabs.

Google has a history of working on apps and services for more rural, data-lacking locations around the globe, like its mobile wallet for users in India and a search-lite app for Indonesian folks. This uses the Bluetooth connection on your Android device.

If you want to share files, that's possible, too.

The app, which launched in beta on Thursday, can also help clear up space on your smartphone.

Going by the naming scheme of the program, Google Files Go looks to be a part of the Android Go program that was announced at Google I/0 2017. There's an option to get an alert about the unused apps, using which you can delete the unused app and free storage.

So the good news is that this app is available right now through the APK. We think that Google likely will be testing this app out for a bit longer before the official release happens. We havent tested this feature yet, so do let us know if it works.

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