Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp comes to your phone on 11/22

As you might gather, the game puts you in charge of a camp site, rather than overseeing a whole village, but otherwise seems to work in the same way as the regular Animal Crossing games. That is just a day away and we have all of the latest news about the Pocket Camp release.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available on the App Store as a free download. The tweet announcing the news pegs it for release on unspecified "mobile devices", which probably means a simultaneous Android and iOS launch. It will be free as well, although in-app purchases are likely present. The last main series installment was Animal Crossing: New Leaf in 2012, which received the sizable Welcome amiibo update this time past year. Those activities include fossil digging, fishing, making friends, getting a loan and moving into a house, and much more. It's not out on iOS yet though, so you may have to wait until tomorrow for that.

Animal Crossing started out back in 2001, and through the years has maintained a cult-like following.

Your Campsite. Your Way: "The joy of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is creating a space that suits you and your style".

Tatsumi Kimishima, the new CEO since 2015, has managed to successfully maintain Nintendo on top of the mobile games market with the likes of Pokémon Go, Super Mario Run and fire Emblem Heroes. You play as the manager of a campground, building your campsite and interacting with animals you meet. If the animals need something, you can help them out and then earn cool rewards for doing so. While you can earn this form of in-game cash you can also purchase it with real money.

Reports from many players online have been popping up since early this morning, confirming that they are able to download and play it.

The game is now live on the Google Play Store for certain countries, with initial reports coming in from France.

If you would like to try out Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you can head to Google Play Store or Apple's App Store on November 22.

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