"Fallen Kingdom" Writer Shares First Preview

The small clip has Chris Pratt, reprising his character from the previous film Owen Grady and a cute little dinosaur, who in all likelihood will turn into a killing machine.

Some people never learn: Chris Pratt's Owen doesn't seem to have figured out that raptors don't make good pets, though this six-second tease for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom tweeted out today by exec producer Colin Trevorrow does makes a good case for the cuteness of dino babies.

The first poster for the movie was released in June, and since then we've been waiting anxiously for a trailer or clip to emerge. Jurassic World had more than 2000 individual effects shots. Fallen Kingdom's supporting cast will include several newcomers to the larger Jurassic Park/World franchise, along with some familiar faces - perhaps most noteworthy of all, Jeff Goldblum back in the role of the eccentric chaotician Ian Malcolm.

Fallen Kingdom picks up sometime in the aftermath of Jurassic World, though plot details beyond that are being kept under-wraps ahead of the sequel's trailer launch. Or it could just be a flashback to a baby Blue.

It's not much and the weird angle and jittery camera suggests that Trevorrow is actually filming a screen showing the footage (possibly in an editing bay?).

The original Jurassic Park, released in 1993, featured just 63 individual visual effects shots taking up just four minutes of screentime.

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