MI weather today: Last really warm day for a long time

Will the precipitation coincide with the coldest air to give Alabamians an early white-ish Christmas?

Monday is expected to be sunny, with a high temperature in the upper 40s, according to the National Weather Service. We're certainly looking at a more interesting pattern, which is often the case in December, and we will have lots to talk about in my forecast tonight. Even parts of Florida will see nighttime temperatures dip into the 30s.

Today will be the last of the mild weather, with top temperatures of between eight to 11 degrees.

With the advance of several systems moving through the area late in the week, the deep-layer cold could bring some minor snow accumulations to the area.

Clouds will return Monday night, but there will be scant chance of any showers.

WIntry showers, of sleet, hail and hill snow continue through Friday, perhaps flurries and dustings reaching the hills of northern England too. I phoned work to let them know that it was snowing, and they said that it was still raining in Shepherds Bush! Temperatures were in the lower 40's at the onset of this event but as the rain continued to fall, well so did the temperatures.

The UK is an island surrounded by relatively warm water, which means that in winter, temperatures in coastal areas are kept slightly higher than further inland. Then temperatures will tumble through the evening hours with a steady light rain.

All of the above show just how many factors need to be taken into consideration when forecasting snow.

Computer model projection of radar/satellite imagery. For now, I'm going to include the possibility of a few rain showers locally, with a few snow showers possible north of our area.

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