A British Woman Has Been Jailed For Bringing 300 Painkillers Into Egypt

A British traveler has been sentenced to three years in jail after trying to bring painkillers considered illegal in Egypt into the country earlier this year.

The 33-year-old, from Hull, is accused of illegally carrying 290 tramadol tablets in her suitcase.

Plummer had claimed the painkiller, legal in the United Kingdom but banned in Egypt, was for her Egyptian partner, to treat his back pain.

Plummer has been detained in Egypt since her arrest in October, though her legal team is now debating whether to appeal the decision.

Despite Miss Plummer pleading her innocence, prosecutors persuaded a court in Hurghada to send her for trial - and she will appear before a judge at the main criminal court in Safaga. The family have also denied reports in the media that Caboo has abandoned Plummer for any other wife and/or girlfriend, saying he is "heartbroken" and has stood by her side since day one.

Her lawyer Mohamed Othman reportedly said a plane ticket showing she paid twice as much for her flights as the drugs were worth is proof that she was not planning to sell them.

"She's the kindest person".

A spokesman from Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: "We will continue to provide assistance to Laura and her family following the court ruling in Egypt, and our embassy is in regular contact with the Egyptian authorities". I was anxious about her before, [when she was] in the police station.

Her trial is due to begin tomorrow. Were just hoping. Even half of that would be better.

Plummer has said she had no idea the painkiller is illegal and banned in Egypt.

He said: "For someone to be found guilty of drug smuggling they have to be aware that they are possessing narcotics".

Her mum, Roberta Sinclair, says her daughter made no attempt to hide the medicine and thought it was a joke when she was first pulled over by officials.

Plummer attended a hearing in her case on Monday before Tuesday's sentencing.

But her family has been told that she could face up to 25 years in jail or even death penalty.

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