Trump kills Obama-era protections for state recreational weed sales

The memo refers to the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, where cannabis is classified as a drug in the same category as heroin.

Marty Riske, who backed the North Dakota ballot measure, says he doesn't expect Session's actions to jeopardize the future of the medical marijuana program in this region.

Hutchinson said he believes Sessions decision to repeal the Obama-era memo is heavily aimed toward states that have legalized recreational use of marijuana.

In a memorandum released Thursday afternoon, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed all U.S. Attorneys to disregard Obama-era marijuana policies and return to the rule of law enacted by congress in 1970.

Here is the question we ask every time we consider allocating our finite resources to prosecute any of the vast number of federal crimes we can prosecute, from violent crime to immigration crime to opioid crime: will this prosecution make Colorado safer?

That guidance is gone, effective today.

The association suffered a separate setback December 28 when a state Supreme Court judge dismissed its lawsuit that meant to block the state Health Department from doubling the number of companies permitted to grow and distribute medical marijuana in NY. They are surrounded by attorneys who have spent their careers arguing federal cases before judges who can make their displeasure with a USA attorney known in sentencing decisions and in the scheduling of cases.

"Knowing Attorney General Sessions' deference to states' rights, I strongly encourage the DOJ to meet with Governor Sandoval and Attorney General Laxalt to discuss the implications of changes to federal marijuana enforcement policy".

But rescinding the Obama policy could have a chilling effect on the burgeoning marijuana legalization movement.

Marijuana has never been legal under federal law, and it still isn't. "The voters of California and Los Angeles have spoken and we will continue doing our job of reasonably regulating the cannabis industry in spite of Washington running amok".

"We believe USA attorneys' offices should be opened up to bring all of these cases that are necessary to be brought".

It came days after California became the sixth and largest state so far to legalize the drug for recreational use. "We will evaluate violations of those laws in accordance with our district's federal law enforcement priorities and resources". Jones has been working to get more insurers into the market for insuring marijuana related businesses. "If something does happen to occur because of this we'll just have to roll with it", owner of the Coos Bay cannabis dispensary Way High 101 Aaron McKinley said.

Growing Marijuana The Sessions memo includes the word "cultivation", which technically puts the plants in your basement in the same boat as LivWell's 100,000-plus-square-foot warehouse.

That reversed the election campaign stance by President Donald Trump favoring state marijuana laws, and set up a potential clash with the six USA states that have already moved ahead to legalize pot sales.

While lawmakers were quick to defend OR state law, Coos County cannabis dispensaries seem to be uncertain, but ultimately unworried about the changes.

Arcview Group, an Oakland investment and market research firm that studies the cannabis industry, forecast an $11 billion USA market for legal marijuana this year - just over 60 percent for medical use, the rest for recreational use - and said it would continue to expand.

"President Trump has recognized medical marijuana as an appropriate exception to federal enforcement policy, but he has not said the same thing about recreational use", he said. "We had no idea it was coming, and like you, we woke up this morning to the news that there was new direction from Attorney General Sessions", she said.

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