5 killed in Boko Haram attack in NE Nigeria

The video shows a group of about 12 teenage girls and young women, some of them holding babies.

"We live in comfort".

This is the second video Boko Haram have released in the past two days.

Shekau was also seen, firing a heavy machine gun and making a 13-minute-long sermon in which he said the remaining girls had "understood the folly" of secular education. Authorities have no way of confirming if the men appearing in videos following their claims of having killed Shekau are Shekau himself. They have been handed over to the governor of Borno state, an area which has been targeted by Islamist violence in recent years, BBC News reported.

Boko Haram says they have converted to Islam and will not be released unless militant fighters held in custody are freed. "It was bad!" a fleeing resident, Abamu Japhet, said.

In September 2015, Buhari raises the possibility of an exchange of Boko Haram prisoners for the girls.

Five people comprising two insurgents have been killed in an early morning attack in Pallam village of Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa.

Abuja's request of the Senate appropriations leaders would cut Nigeria's surplus oil profits in half. They are granted amnesty if they denounce Boko Haram's radical ideologies.

Despite sporadic attacks, Boko Haram attacks have been significantly reduced recently in the far north of Cameroon.

The Nigerian government places escaped Boko Haram captives in programs to reintegrate into society as many, especially children, exhibit signs of brainwashing and can present a threat to their communities.

The girls are forced from their dormitories onto trucks and driven into the bush.

A total of 107 girls have now been either found, rescued or released as part of government negotiations with the Islamic State group affiliate.

But despite their ordeal, they claimed to not want to return to their homes in the Christian south of the country.

Those who return willingly must often wait weeks to return to their parents and loved ones after the military rescues them.

The mass abduction of the Chibok girls spawned a celebrity-backed "Bring Back Our Girls" campaign, but aid groups say the militants have kidnapped thousands of adults and children, many of whose cases are neglected.

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