Trump Hotel Hit With Graffiti Again

Following U.S. President Donald Trump's description about certain nations as "shithole countries", his hotel in Washington D.C.is literally labelled as a "shithole".

The news has prompted severe global outrage, as people posted outspoken comments on Twitter, posted breathtakingly handsome pictures of Haiti and the rest of Africa, or, conversely, "shithole" scenery of some American locations, aimed to illustrate that lousy places can be found all around the globe.

On January 11, President Donald Trump questioned why the United States provides immigrant protection for people from areas including Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries, referring to these countries as "sh*thole countries", according to some lawmakers present. Understandably, Trump has taken a lot of criticism for the remark.

'The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. Need a place to stay? In the past, the artist has also displayed "emoluments welcome" and "pay Trump bribes here" on the very same D.C. hotel. "Try our shithole", the message read, accompanied by grinning poop emojis.

Totally disgusting:' Bay Area politicians weigh in on Trump s***hole comment Washington-based Robin Bell is taking credit for the stunt.

Trump apparently told the lawmakers that the USA should instead take in more people from countries like Norway, the report further said.

Bell's latest installation is part of a widespread backlash to Trump's comments.

"Businesses under a high level of scrutiny and media attention will often receive an active cleanup alert to let users know about our policy to remove reviews that violate our terms of service, including ones that aren't about a firsthand experience with the business", Yelp spokeswoman Brenae Leary told the Washingtonian.

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