One of These Women Is Dead. The Other Is Her Killer

An autopsy revealed Gargol was killed by strangulation, and a belt found at the scene matched the one Antoine wore in the photo posted by Gargol just hours before she was killed, investigators concluded. Nothing I say or do will ever bring her back. That post was on Facebook only a few hours before Gargol's death.

It's the very same belt found next to Gargol's body, according to police.

On Monday Cheyenne Rose Antoine was jailed for seven years after admitting to killing Brittney Gargol, 18. The incident that happened two years ago was finally resolved by the police.

Antoine later told police that she left Gargol sometime after midnight and met up with her uncle before dawn, to walk along a river.

Authorities say that a belt was believed to be the murder weapon. She claims that she doesn't actually remember the murder, but knows that she did it. Her lawyer, Lisa Watson, told the court that Antoine, who suffered years of abuse in the foster care system, had been dealing with serious personal problems prior to the homicide.

In court, Antoine admitted the duo got into an argument, but claimed she doesn't remember murdering Gargol. "Hope you made it home safe" on Brittney's Facebook page the morning after her death, which police soon realised was an attempt at diverting attention away from herself.

Gargol's father, Everett Hillbom, said in his victim witness statement that he felt angry and sad that his daughter's life was cut short, while stepmother Kristi Wickenhauser, told Antoine that she betrayed Gargol's friendship. The last person known to have seen her alive was her close friend Cheyenne Rose Antoine. I am very, very sorry...

Gargol's aunt, Jennifer Gargol, paid tribute to Brittney in court, saying that the young woman had a "special gift".

By the time she was 12, Antoine began racking up a criminal record - starting with stealing her foster parents' vehicle on multiple occasions in attempts to run away. "It shouldn't have ever happened". She's now off to serve her manslaughter sentence behind bars. In 27% of these cases, the murderer reacted to something they had seen on Facebook as justification for the murder.

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