Canadians among 25 injured in Mexico ferry explosion

At least 25 people were injured, local officials confirmed, after ferry explosion Wednesday in Mexico.

The dramatic moment was caught on a nearby CCTV camera.

A blast has struck a ferry which was docked at Playa del Carmen, injuring passenger on board, local media reports. They reportedly heard passengers screaming and shouting, according to the Excelsior. Some of the injuries also included minor cuts and those affected in the incident were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Local Civil Defense director Juan Medina Sosa said 20 Mexicans, three Canadians and two Americans were injured, and all were in good condition.

"We were on a pier, walking to our ferry to take a trip to Cozumel and the ferry on the right side exploded", John said, describing the explosion.

The ferry sustained a substantial amount of damage.

The ferry was en route to Conzumel from Playa del Carmen early Wednesday.

Images of the ferry showed what appeared to be a two-meter-long portion of the vessel's second-floor exterior blown out, exposing splintered wood and metal. According to the Associated Press, the explosion left a gaping hole in its starboard.

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