Apple reportedly working on its biggest iPhone ever - iPhone X Plus?

This past weekend, a user on a Chinese Apple fan forum called MacX posted two photos that may very well be our first look at components from Apple's upcoming iPhone X Plus.

Bloomberg says Apple is considering a dual-SIM card feature for the 6.5-inch model, but could also wait for E-SIM technology, as now used in iPad cellular models and Apple Watch LTE models, which do not require a physical SIM card.

The iPhone X will be the primary device from 2018 but rumors claim a total of three different devices are heading to stores.

It will also have a Face ID scanner that unlocks the device and enables payments.

The phone will be about the size of an iPhone 8 Plus but will have much less bezel and far more screen on its front, according to Gurman.

Apple is also planning to bring a cheaper variant of the iPhone X as well.

Munster predicts a supercycle - which he defines as upgrades by 10 percent or more of Apple's existing iPhone customers. While the company is strategically focussing to release an update to current iPhone X model, reports echoes that both the iPhone models will house the company's next-generation in-house A12 processors.

Apple had reportedly meant to release a gold coloured iPhone X, however had to abandoned plans due to "production problems", however Apple now is ready to bring the new color back with the launch of the "iPhone X Plus". A dual-SIM capability would provide a compromise.

The report says that the larger iPhone will have similar dimensions to the iPhone 8 Plus. It was apparently trying to do this past year with the original iPhone X, but had to abandon the effort because of production problems. A final decision on whether to include the feature or wait for eSIM technology hasn't been made.

While Android smartphone manufacturers are having a blast at the MWC 2018, Apple is continuing to develop their next big iPhone.

Like the iPhone X, all three iPhones will have Face ID, curved edge displays and of course, the top front notch that got everyone talking. This design will allegedly work because of the edge-to-edge design being used.

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