Trump's communications director Hope Hicks has resigned

Hope Hicks, one of US President Donald Trump's longest-serving and closest aides, has planned to resign from the White House in the coming week, it was announced on Wednesday.

For Hicks, who kept a low profile while working for Mr. Trump, the work was her first political job. In September, she succeeded Anthony Scaramucci after he spent less than two weeks as communications director following an expletive-filled interview he gave to The New Yorker.

Hicks testified for eight hours. Sources say she told the committee she occasionally told white lies, but never about Russian Federation.

"Her boyfriend's gone, now she's testifying", he said, referring to the resignation of aide Rob Porter amid allegations of domestic abuse, and her testimony in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe. His former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski revealed in his book Let Trump Be Trump, that the president had told him Hicks "had about as much experience as a coffee cup", but that she was "good looking".

On his part, Trump was effusive in his praise for Hicks. She reportedly was involved in the drafting of a memo that did not accurately recount the reason for the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016.

The White House said Hicks is a "valued adviser and counselor to the president and other senior administration officials". Schiff said Hicks did not assert any type of executive privilege, but just said she had been advised not to answer. Her exit was first reported by The New York Times. One purported leaked detail from her testimony that appeared in press reports said Hicks admitted that she felt the need, sometimes, to lie for the president.

Tom Rooney, a member of the intelligence panel who was in the interview, said Hicks' answer was completely unrelated to the Russian Federation investigation. "And that's our jurisdiction".

Hicks acknowledged to a House intelligence panel Tuesday that she has occasionally told "white lies" for Trump.

Neither statement gave any details on what caused Hicks to resign.

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. "I don't think it's possible to overstate the significance and just the importance of her role within the White House".

The day began with President Donald Trump publicly belittling his attorney general, and ended with him losing his communications director amid growing indications of the turmoil from a criminal probe seeping through his administration. Hicks was with the president on Air Force One while they were writing the initial statement. That committee is also investigating the meddling and spoke to Hicks several months ago.

Her boss called her "Hopester" and she called him "Mr Trump", according to a profile of her in Politico previous year.

There was no indication that Republicans would subpoena Ms. Hicks. Mr. Bannon continued to refuse to talk about those subjects, and lawmakers are weighing whether to initiate contempt proceedings.

Here are six things you may not know about Hicks.

She tried to stay out of the spotlight herself, but she was thrust into it earlier this month when news of her relationship with staff secretary Rob Porter became public. One tweet encouraged investigations of Clinton. The job brought her into the limelight and Trump then picked her for the role of his press secretary.

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