A look at the nasty cut that nearly ended Tom Brady's season

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spoke to Michael Strahan on Monday's "Good Morning America" about his team's devastating loss at this year's Super Bowl held on February 4.

In the latest episode of "Tom vs. Time", a scene of Brady receiving treatment on his hand was revealed. Everything Tom Brady has worked on, everything he's invested in - it all comes together in another historic Patriots playoff run.

"When I hurt my thumb, I thought, 'This is it".

Episode 6 of Tom vs Time was a 15-minute clip detailing Brady's journey through the 2017 season, including his Super Bowl LII loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, filming of the docu-series, his National Football League future and more.

Brady was stitched up and underwent some acupuncture around the wound, and by Friday of that week was feeling more confident that he could play. "... That was a miracle of us winning without you out there, just so you know it". I thought about that play 500 times in five days.

Whatever Brady and the Patriots staff did to remedy that terrible looking gash ahead of the Super Bowl clearly worked.

"We lost Gronk in the first half of the game".

With the cut taped, Brady completed 26 of 38 passes for 290 yards (including 138 in the Patriots' fourth-quarter rally) and two touchdowns in a victory that took him to his eighth Super Bowl. "When you don't come through, it's very painful", said Brady. You've got to have answers to those questions, and they have to be with a lot of conviction.

"You can't make decisions necessarily just for yourself, and I think that's one thing I've learned as I've gotten older: There's collateral effects to every decision that I make", Brady told Strahan. "It's tough to win that game". "Just so you know that".

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