Florida Businesses Created More Than 10000 Private-Sector Jobs in January

The report says the Hoosier state's unemployment rate stands at 3.3% for December and remains lower than the national rate of 4.1%.

Separately, Louisiana's unemployment rate dropped by 1.2 points compared to January 2017, to 4.6 percent.

St. Johns County still ranks as having the lowest unemployment rate in the state, with Okaloosa in second place. Nonfarm job growth occurred in the private sector, which saw 7,300 more jobs, while government jobs dropped by 200. Under that measure, which includes the under-employed or those who have dropped out of the labor force (and who are therefore not counted in Florida's official unemployment figure) the unemployment and underemployment figure for Florida is now 9.1 percent, substantially higher than the national average of 8.5 percent.

All Wiregrass counties have jobless rates that are at least 1.4 percent below what they were at this time previous year.

Note: This release incorporates revised historical labor force numbers and industry employment data.

The federal household survey, done with a smaller sample than the survey of employers, shows an increase in the number of employed Californians over the month and the year. Average weekly earnings for all private sector employees were up 3.5 percent from in January compared to January 2017. In December, 50,413 people were unemployed. Construction posted the largest jobs increase with a gain of 11,100 jobs, followed by trade, transportation & utilities, up 10,800 and educational and health services, up 10,700.

"This new peak employment milestone is a testament to the work that has been done by the Rauner Administration to encourage competition, create jobs and reduce burdensome bureaucracy", said Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Director Sean McCarthy. IL nonfarm payrolls were up 0.8 percent over-the-year in sharp contrast to the nation's 1.5 percent over-the-year gain in January.

The information industry lost 1,800 jobs while retail trade shed 1,600 jobs.

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