With the Ace, kids are finally getting their own cheap Fitbit

The new tracker looks and acts like the Fitbit Alta, but in a smaller format for smaller wrists. The other new device is the Fitbit Ace, a fitness tracker that's created to inspire kids to stay active. Its first smartwatch, last year's Ionic, boldly took aim at Apple, but that device's chunky, square aesthetic failed to impress.

As far as music goes, Fitbit partnered with Deezer and Pandora; if you're a premium subscriber to either of those music services, you can download playlists (up to 300 songs) directly to the watch and listen to them without your phone nearby.

The Fitbit Versa also has the technical chops to back up their lovely aesthetic, with a solid list of features that includes heart rate monitoring, 50 meter water resistance, on-board music storage, and compatibility with a huge number of watchfaces and apps - making it one of the most impressive Fitbits to date, and even one of the most fully-featured smartwatches in general. Fitbit's sleep-tracking dashboard is the most accurate and insightful of any fitness tracker I've tested, and putting that tech in a stylish device that only needs to be charged twice a week could make Versa more competitive with Apple Watch than the Ionic was. This is probably going to be turn off for serious athletes, but Fitbit is branding this for the masses.

It's been well over a year since Fitbit took over Pebble, and in the time since, the company hasn't done much with smartwatches that show off what Pebble brought to the table. There's even female-specific health tracking to help women keep tabs on their menstrual cycle. Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition is offered in four colors and is available for pre-sale online and in retailers starting March 19, 2018 for $329.95. It's being offered in black with a black aluminum case, gray with a silver aluminum case or peach with a rose gold aluminum case. Apple shipped 8 million wearable devices during the fourth quarter, while Fitbit fell behind to second, shipping 5.4 million units during the same time period.

Fitbit also announced it's tackling childhood obesity with the Ace, its first fitness tracker designed for children ages eight and up. However, that's changed today with the arrival of the Fitbit Versa, and it's looking like an excellent option for Android users...

Basically, the Ace will prompt our kids to get moving so we don't have to continuously harp on them to "Go outside and play, already". The app also will reward children with in-app badges for achieving their health goals.

Instead of pushing kids to be active for 30 minutes throughout the day, Ace will try to get its users to move for 60 minutes of each day.

There will be number of different clock faces to customise your Ace as well as smartphone notifications.

This kid-friendly fitness tracker is designed as a great way for parents to monitor their kid's activity. Parents will be required to make an account for children aged 12 and under to get them started on the Fitbit Ace.

Although the Fitbit Ace device will have similar features the other latest Fitbit devices, the main differences are in the app and how new features can protect kids' privacy. The tracker will be available in two colours - "electric blue" and "power purple" - and will retail for $129.95 in Canada.

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