• Pew: Muslim Babies Will Outnumber Christian Births by 2035

    Pew: Muslim Babies Will Outnumber Christian Births by 2035

    Pew adds that "Muslims are projected to be the world's fastest-growing major religious group in the decades ahead...and signs of this rapid growth already are visible". Muslims gave birth to 213 million children and lost 61 million people to death - a net increase of 152 million. Adherents of folk religions, Jews and members of other religions make up smaller proportions of the world's people.

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  • Animal Adventure Park reaches 1 million Facebook fans

    Animal Adventure Park reaches 1 million Facebook fans

    Orla's keeper appeared on This Morning where she made a bold claim about April, who is being looked after at the Animal Adventure Park in upstate NY. The zoo hopes the births will highlight the plight on the endangered species . On Friday, a weekend birth seemed like a sure thing, with her keepers posting, "All observations, behavior, and predictions suggest a calf today, tonight - we would be shocked to get through the weekend without our newest addition".

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  • Ricciardo misses start, exits early at F1 Australian GP

    Ricciardo misses start, exits early at F1 Australian GP

    Then his auto came to a stop on the warm-up lap shortly before the race and he got out of the vehicle shaking his head. Mercedes spends $700 million annually, and Red Bull and Ferrari about $400 million to $550 million each year in pursuit of glory, well ahead of the seven other teams.

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  • JCC Bomb Threat Suspect Nabbed Following Israeli-Led Int'l Investigation

    JCC Bomb Threat Suspect Nabbed Following Israeli-Led Int'l Investigation

    They believe the teenager is also involved in threats made in the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. "Israel's Channel 10 TV showed footage of the suspect appearing in court in the central Israeli city of Rishon Letzion". Council president Stephen Goodman said he could not confirm any such threat had been made, but the council's sympathies were with anyone who may have been affected.

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  • Turtle that swallowed 1000 coins dies

    Turtle that swallowed 1000 coins dies

    Chansue pointed out one happier aspect, according to the AP: "She at least had the chance to swim freely and eat happily before she passed". At first Bank appeared to be recovering well after the operation, but a checkup on Saturday revealed problems with its intestines.

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  • Intruder with backpack breaches White House grounds

    Intruder with backpack breaches White House grounds

    Construction of the new 11-foot-7-inch fence, compared with the current 7-foot (2.13 m) barrier, is due to begin by next year, the Secret Service said in January. Another man wearing an American flag jumped the fence in November 2015. President Donald Trump, who was in the White House at the time, was not in any danger from the security breach, which occurred around midnight, the cable television network reported.

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  • 'World's heaviest woman' has surgery in India, loses 100 kgs

    'World's heaviest woman' has surgery in India, loses 100 kgs

    A spokeswoman for Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who is leading Abd El Aty's treatment, said the 37-year-old Egyptian's weight had been brought under 400 kilograms (881 pounds) since she arrived in Mumbai in early February. Her family told the doctor that as a child she was diagnosed with elephantiasis, a condition that causes the limbs and other body parts to swell, leaving her nearly immobile.

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  • Evening out: Keselowski wins Atlanta after Harvick miscue

    A driver with good to great qualifying times and for whatever reason is knocked back in pole position can earn you a big bonus in fantasy scoring in place differential points. "I'm so sorry guys", Harvick told his team over the radio. "I thought I was being conservative", Harvick said. Sunday's race will reflect well all those years successfully sliding around dirt ovals where the track conditions constantly change and the high line nearly always prevails.

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  • Marijuana can be risky for kids, said pediatricians

    Specialists argue that this drug may affect the brain of teenagers who are in ongoing development. The AAP report expresses concerns that legitimizing marijuana as a medication may lead teens to think its a safe drug, regardless of whether it's prescribed or not.

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  • Chelsea sink Swansea to surge 11 points clear

    Chelsea sink Swansea to surge 11 points clear

    Antonio Conte's men didn't settle for a one goal lead though, and kept going and going right after the ball got back into the play. When Clement took over Swansea were rooted to the foot of the table, four points from safety. So can they catch Chelsea? Chelsea didn't mind and got even more exhilarated from the call, and Pedro soon found the net for Chelsea's second goal of the game! Swansea , infuriated at the non-award of a penalty after César Azpilicueta's handball early in the ...

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  • World classification of countries with longest life expectancy

    Among their findings: Life expectancy for Korean women born in 2030 in South Korea will expect to have life expectancy of 90.8 years, French women 88.6 years, and Japanese women 88.4 years. This is down from a gap of four years for Britons born in 2010 - men born at the start of the decade are expected to live until 78.3 and women until 82.3.

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  • You can now charge your phone without a wire

    This development represents a significant step forward in wireless power delivery technologies, which usually require close proximity to wireless charging pads in order to transfer power. The only catch was that the room need to be constructed entirely from metal (aluminium). Now for the 64,000 dollar question: will being in this room fry your brain? The prototype living room can transfer power wirelessly to 10 devices like the smartphone, a fan, a lamp, an RC vehicle and more .

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  • Rats Infect Residents In The Bronx With Leptospirosis

    Rats Infect Residents In The Bronx With Leptospirosis

    Normally the entire city sees just one to three cases in a year, according to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene . The New York Times reports that the city is investigating the matter. At a news conference Wednesday, Ruben Diaz Jr., Bronx borough president, called for calm in the wake of the news. Avoid contact with rats or with places where rats may have urinated.

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  • GOP senator repeatedly contradicts himself on Obamacare - and leaves CNN hosts baffled

    Republican congressional leaders, though, have put forward the idea of passing repeal with just some pieces of a replacement attached and then passing a series of other, small bills later on as part of a replacement plan. Any form of repeal would only be effective after there is a practical alternative that includes several of the popular republican reforms to Obamacare , such as shopping insurance plans across state lines, and expansion of health savings accounts.

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  • Winter storm watch starts Monday evening

    Winter storm watch starts Monday evening

    Up to 8 inches of snow could accumulate in southern Minnesota, weather officials say. Whatever snow we do get is expected to be the heavy, wet variety, which may make the Tuesday morning commute hard in some areas. The coming storm will begin Monday afternoon as all rain, the weather service said. Snow totals are expected to be about 3 to 6 inches or less.

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  • Public Education Advocates Rally in Corning

    The Orthodox Union in a separate letter to the committee stopped short of endorsing DeVos , but said she "has a long history of advocating for and supporting" the reforms it favors in broadening school choice. DeVos did offer one new tidbit: that she was listed as a board member of her mother's foundation on federal tax forms because of "a clerical error".

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