• Tiger Woods' contract a victor before he starts comeback

    The American had used Nike golf clubs for over a decade but, following on from the announcement in August that the sportswear giant was stepping back from manufacturing golf equipment, he has been forced to find a new club supplier. As told by ESPN's Jason Sobel , Woods has used the putter off and on for almost 18 years - winning 13 of his 14 major championships with it - and it's back in his bag now for his latest comeback.

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  • Google's 'Save The Date' Site Reveals The Google I/O Dates

    Google's 'Save The Date' Site Reveals The Google I/O Dates

    The next puzzle takes us to an unlisted YouTube video . Anyone else ready for a Pixel 2? It does not appear that Google has started accepting registrations for I/O 2017 . Google finally revealed Tuesday the dates for its annual developer event, Google I/O. The venue is very closer to the Google Plex. At last year's developer conference, Artificial intelligence was the big focus.

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  • IRS begins accepting tax filings for 2017

    IRS begins accepting tax filings for 2017

    Make sure that your name and dependent names are the same as they appear on Social Security cards and double check bank routing and account numbers used on tax forms for direct deposit. People who have been issued an individual taxpayer identification number, or ITIN, instead of a Social Security number may have to renew it before filing their tax returns.

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  • Mario Balotelli racially abused at football match

    Mario Balotelli racially abused at football match

    Balotelli was on target from a free kick in injury time, but otherwise made only a fleeting impression against a motivated Bastia side that had midfielder Yannick Cahuzac sent off midway through the second half. "We heard it in the warm-up and during the game". Balotelli wrote, referencing the French league's disciplinary committee. Commentators from broadcaster Canal Plus, which covered the game, made no mention of any racist abuse during the match.

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  • First pictures from next-generation weather satellite offer stunning views of Earth

    First pictures from next-generation weather satellite offer stunning views of Earth

    Stunning images from the first in a new generation of weather satellites have been released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). See complete high-resolution images, released Monday, here . That camera is responsible for an impressive new view of Earth. From its central location, GOES-16 captured this image of the west coast of the United States and the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

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  • Little Nightmares Release Date, Price & Pre-Order Incentives Revealed

    Little Nightmares Release Date, Price & Pre-Order Incentives Revealed

    According to the listing, the Bandai Namco-published title will retail digitally for $19.99, and is scheduled to launch on April 28, 2017. Looking like the unholy union of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Jan Švankmajer, Little Nightmares follows the exploits of a young girl named Six who is kidnapped and brought to a terrifying subterranean fortress called the Maw where creepy creatures want to gobble her up.

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  • Trump offers to end some Russian sanctions for nuclear arms cut

    Putin, speaking at a news conference Tuesday, described a dossier on Trump as part of efforts by President Barack Obama's administration to " undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect" despite his "convincing" victory. Back then, the businessman spoke in favor of sanctions against Russian Federation and said that Russian Federation was the greatest problem for the United States.

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  • 81 false killer whales die in stranding west of Florida Everglades

    One whale has been seen alive and another 13 or 14 are unaccounted for, officials said . Biologists will try to determine the cause of death using samples collected during post-mortem examination. The beach did not have cell service, said Blair Mase, a NOAA coordinator. "The whales that were beached were scattered and spread out all along the shoreline and deeply embedded into the mangroves making response efforts extremely hard".

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  • Chinese foreign ministry: Trump must abide by 'One China' policy

    Mr Trump once again suggested the "One China" principle, in which the U.S. recognises the self-governing island of Taiwan as part of China, is up for negotiation in a recent interview . In a strongly-worded rant, the China Daily warned China needed to be ready itself for a "costly" battle with Mr Trump takes to the White House on January 20.

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  • Google Maps now displays Uber drivers in real

    Google Maps now displays Uber drivers in real

    Information about the destination - such as menus and opening hours - will also be accessible to users through Google Maps while they are en route, the tech company wrote in the post. Previously, Google Maps just displayed a list of supported taxi hailing apps. You do need to sign into your Uber account or make a new one to make use of the integration.

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  • Ruby seadragon spotted in wild for first time

    Using a remotely operated vehicle with a low-light video camera, researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, spotted the bright red animal. It also does not have the leaf-like appendages that characterize the other two seadragons and has a curly, prehensile tail that stops it from getting swept away by the tide.

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  • State, Centre Failed to Revoke Ban on Jallikattu: DMK's Stalin

    State, Centre Failed to Revoke Ban on Jallikattu: DMK's Stalin

    Political parties in Tamil Nadu including the state government have been urging the Centre to pass an ordinance to "remove the legal impediments" that would pave the way for the lifting of the ban. In 2014, the court had banned Jallikattu on grounds of animal cruelty. But this time, with no officials around the tamers had a free run. Chennai: Well known actress Trisha has landed in trouble with several pro-Jallikattu protestors disrupting her film shooting near Karaikudi down south and some ...

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  • New Dodge Demon muscle vehicle will top 707 horsepower

    Then there are the rare few that revel in a single objective, rendering them totally irresistible to a subculture. Check out the teaser video above ahead of the 2018 Dodge Demon's debut in NY this spring. Unlike the old Demon, which was a sporting version of an economy model, the new Demon will serve as the top machine in Dodge's lineup now that the Viper is heading off to that great snake pit in the sky.

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  • Without action on climate change, say goodbye to polar bears

    Polar Bears International outlines a list of tips from scientists to lower greenhouse gas emissions, including walking or riding a bike, using only the amount of water you need, not wasting food, using LED bulbs, eating less meat, purchasing locally-grown fruits and veggies, and recycling.

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  • Ford plans to cancel $1.6B Mexico plant

    Ford plans to cancel $1.6B Mexico plant

    At its core, the Trump-brokered-but-not-really deal for the Indianapolis-based company was nothing more than ceding tax breaks to a company running a profitable factory. auto dealers tax free across border". Ford says this is all part of a $4.5 billion investment in electrified vehicles by 2020. But the Cruze was ripe for an attack because inventories of them have swelled to the point that GM is cutting the third shift in Lordstown on January 23 - three days after Trump's inauguration.

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