• BlackBerry, once a phone innovator, to stop making its own

    Despite embracing Android previous year as part of an attempt to revive its status as one of the top smartphone makers, the company's efforts have largely failed to turn its fortunes around. "There will continue to be BlackBerry branded devices". In Q2, the company more than doubled the software revenue year-over-year and delivered the highest gross margin in the company's history.

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  • Volkswagen Atlas is the Production Name of Crossblue Concept

    Volkswagen Atlas is the Production Name of Crossblue Concept

    Therefore, the Atlas moves away from Volkswagen's fixation of naming their SUVs with names that start with the letter "T" - Touareg and Tiguan. To keep it unique, the automaker has filed trademark applications in the U.S. VW's Tiguan compact crossover is pricey and smaller than its segment competitors. But no, this time VW's top brass wanted to show they were sensitive to American tastes so they shrugged and signed off on " Atlas ".

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  • The Paris Motor Show Confirms It: The Future Is Electric

    It seems the 2016 Paris Motor Show has gone green as it is turning into the spot for electric concept auto launch platform, Volkswagen is also planning to unveils its electric concept vehicle with a range of 300 miles at the show. The platform can be used on SUVs, saloons, coupés and other model series. It will have an impressive, but now quite vague range; Volkswagen says it'll be "up to 600 kilometers" (373 miles).

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  • Yahoo! hacked, you should change your password immediately

    Now, Yahoo has revealed that the data breach affected as many as 500 million users and compromised a lot of information, though reportedly not financial data. Although the stolen data could be used in identity theft, experts say a foreign intelligence agency might combine the Yahoo files with information from other sources to build extensive dossiers on USA government officials or corporate executives.

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  • Trump's returns reveal he may have dodged tax for years

    Of course, Trump has refused to release any tax returns over the course of his campaign for president, saying he can't do so until an IRS audit of them is finished, though there is no law preventing him from doing so. Calls for Trump's much-desired tax returns have dogged the NY real estate mogul during the presidential campaign trail. Now contrast this with Donald Trumps plan to reduce tax rates for individuals and large and small businesses (while abolishing the death tax).

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  • Samsung launches Galaxy On8 on Flipkart at Rs 15900

    Samsung has been in contact with the customer and investigations are continuing. Just last week , carriers here in the USA began making replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units with "no battery issues" available for exchange if customers brought in their current Note 7.

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  • Oil prices slide as Iran refuses to freeze output levels

    Iranian oil facility in the Persian Gulf. In return, Iran would have to agree to freeze at 3.7 million barrels a day-slightly above its August levels, the people said. "It is a carefully calculated offer because Saudi Arabia knows it will not be acceptable to Iran ..." Sources within OPEC said the differences between cartel kingpin Saudi Arabia and rival Iran remain too wide (http://www.

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  • Kevin Durant talks Warriors, Russell Westbrook with Bill Simmons

    Kevin Durant talks Warriors, Russell Westbrook with Bill Simmons

    Simmons wasted no time and immediately addressed the elephant in the room, Durant's decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Golden State Warriors. There are plenty of times I could have quit in this whole lifestyle I'm in. His most impressive record was in the 2014-15 season where he averaged 28.1 points per game.

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  • More Airbag Woes; FCA Recalls almost 2 Million Vehicles

    More Airbag Woes; FCA Recalls almost 2 Million Vehicles

    Outside of North America, a further 284,051 vehicles are being recalled, including the 2012-2013 Lancia Flavia in Europe - a rebadged version of the Chrysler 200. The seat belt pretensioner might also fail to work as a result of the problem . In December, NHTSA separately fined the automaker $70 million for failing to report vehicle crash deaths and injuries since 2003.

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  • Lenovo's Yoga Book Kills The Keyboard

    Lenovo's Yoga Book Kills The Keyboard

    The company has created what it calls the Instant Halo Keyboard: it's a touch-based keyboard, so it has no physical keys, but keystrokes are registered through haptic feedback. The watchband hinge on the Yoga Book is uniquely constructed of tightly connected rods. The touch Halo Keyboard understands and adapts to the typing habits of the user, and haptic technology is created to reduce mistakes.

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  • Soon, You Can Play Pokémon Go on Apple Watch

    Soon, You Can Play Pokémon Go on Apple Watch

    Niantic announced that the Nintendo made Pokemon Go Plus Bluetooth wearable will ship on September 16 . You now share this world with a number of Pokemon and people with their faces glued to their cell phone screens, trying to catch em' all.

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  • Clinton Suggests Terror Groups Hope for Trump Election

    Said Clinton: "They know they can count on me to be the kind of commander in chief who will protect our country and our troops, and they know they cannot count on Donald Trump". - Trump once again incorrectly claimed that he was opposed to the war with Iraq before the invasion. "Well, it is, it is a correct tweet ", Trump said.

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  • Apple Unveils iPhone 7 | Apple Watch 2

    The Apple Watch Series 2 will also feature a new upgraded S2 processor, a dual-core processor which Apple claims is 50 percent faster than its predecessor meaning using apps and general navigation around the watch will be much smoother, especially with the added benefits of watchOS 3.

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  • Facebook Founder Pledges to Work with Local Developers for Better Internet Connectivity

    On his Facebook page , Zuckerberg posted a picture of himself presenting the pontiff with a model of a Facebook internet drone. According to the new Director of the Vatican Press Office, Greg Burke, the two men talked about "how to use communications technology to alleviate poverty, encourage a culture of encounter, and send a message of hope, especially to the most disadvantaged".

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  • Acer Swift 7 Dubbed The Thinnest Laptop On The Market: In-Depth Review

    Acer Swift 7 Dubbed The Thinnest Laptop On The Market: In-Depth Review

    This insane thing even has a curved screen display-it's the first laptop in the world to offer that amenity, which comes by way of a 21-inch panel with a 2,200R curvature and 2560x1080 resolution. While it does qualify as a notebook due to its design, the Acer Predator 21 X is more a desktop replacement than any other notebook on the market.

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  • Google's 2016 smartphone lineup will reportedly ditch the Nexus name

    Google's 2016 smartphone lineup will reportedly ditch the Nexus name

    The Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X, which were released a year ago, are the current handsets under Google's Nexus line and will possibly be the last ones to carry the brand name. We've known for a while now that Google wants to further customize the Android experience it offers on Nexus devices. Sources close to Google also suggested the same thing.

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  • Swamy calls LG Najeeb Jung a

    Swamy calls LG Najeeb Jung a "420 like Kejriwal"

    While rubbishing Mr Kejriwal's oft-repeated claim that he and Mr Modi have tried to stop the AAP's governance initiatives, Mr Jung said,"the CM has gone on record asking why the value of an electors vote in Delhi will be half when the AAP government has won a stupendous majority".

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  • WhatsApp privacy policy: Delhi HC asks govt to respond to petition

    WhatsApp privacy policy: Delhi HC asks govt to respond to petition

    The FTC, which is reviewing the complaints, did not comment. The groups want the FTC to investigate the companies and to prohibit WhatsApp from sharing data about users with Facebook without their express consent. Facebook's move to relax the privacy policy of WhatsApp , the world's most popular mobile messaging application, will be closely scrutinised, the chair of Europe's leading group of privacy regulators said on Monday.

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