• Ireland's PM steps down as Fine Gael leader

    A new leader will be announced on Friday, June 2. "I will retire as leader of Fine Gael effective from midnight tonight", Kenny said, opening the way for a swift leadership contest. or this time we can get it right". He has led the Fine Gael for 15 years and is its first leader to win re-election to office. The race is set to be dominated the two declared candidates: Varadkar, 38, and Coveney, 44.

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  • Assange expresses readiness for dialogue with UK, US

    Assange expresses readiness for dialogue with UK, US

    Sky News quoted him as saying that 'I can not forgive awful injustice'. Assange's lawyer, Per E Samuelsson, told Swedish Radio the decision was "a total victory" for his client. The London Metropolitan Police , however, made it clear in a statement that there was an outstanding arrest warrant for Assange. Nye, meanwhile, said the statute of limitations expires in 2020 over the rape allegations.

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  • Coveney Faces Mammoth Challenge But Says: Don't Write Me Off Yet

    Coveney Faces Mammoth Challenge But Says: Don't Write Me Off Yet

    He said Minister Simon Coveney is "a very fine politician" but said he believes Mr Varadkar has the "rare combination of intellect and judgement needed for leadership". "I am also proposing that we consider a major change in how Ireland organises its national security services, as part of major reform of the gardai and the defence forces".

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  • Chinese military planes intercept US aircraft

    Chinese military planes intercept US aircraft

    WC-135 Constant Phoenix aircraft was flying in worldwide airspace over the sea, when China's Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets intercepted it. Two Chinese pilots intercepted the craft, and Lori Hodge - the air force spokeswoman - said in a statement the planes had been acting in an " unprofessional " manner.

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  • Putin congratulates new French president in call

    But the two countries should first work on what they want to reform, she added. Several ministers, including Le Maire, have said they will stand in the parliamentary election, and Philippe confirmed that they would have to quit the government if they lost.

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  • 'Theresa May's spokesperson' Nicola Sturgeon HUMILIATES Paul Nuttall during live TV debate

    'Theresa May's spokesperson' Nicola Sturgeon HUMILIATES Paul Nuttall during live TV debate

    Invited are the leaders of the seven parties that were represented in the 2015 ITV Leaders' Debate - the Conservatives, Labour, SNP, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens. Prior to the debate, however, Corybn tweeted: "Theresa May, why not debate me?" he said. "You may be too scared to come here tonight, for your U-turns to be highlighted, for your cruel policies to be exposed ", the Welsh politician said.

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  • Moon urges both talks and sanctions to rein in N Korea

    In first summit, two leaders likely to discuss THAAD , defense cost-sharing, free trade and North Korea issue Amid indications that South Korean President Moon Jae-in and US President Donald Trump will be soon holding a summit, the next questions are when the summit meeting will be held and what the two leaders will discuss.

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  • Japan approves bill on emperor's abdication

    Japan approves bill on emperor's abdication

    But there is no provision under the existing law for him to abdicate and be succeeded by Crown Prince Naruhito. No abdication is expected until at least the end of 2018, according to reports . Mako's marriage to Kei Komuro, a former university classmate, will force her to relinquish her royal status , leaving one less members of the imperial family to carry out official duties.

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  • Irish leader Enda Kenny stepping down as head of his party

    TAOISEACH Enda Kenny will retire as Fine Gael leader, with effect from midnight on Wednesday. Kenny - who had already announced he would not lead Fine Gael into the election - said he would remain prime minister during the contest, due to be concluded on June 2, and during subsequent talks with lawmakers backing the government.

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  • Comey documented Trump request to drop Flynn investigation in memo

    As president, he has stressed the illegality of leaking classified information and suggested that those who do so should be punished. Yet U.S. allies and some members of Congress expressed concern bordering on alarm. Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he will ask Comey for additional material as part of the panel's investigation.

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  • NBA teams pick their representatives for draft lottery

    The lottery will take place on May 16th. So the Lakers need all the lottery magic they can get. It's time to break out the lucky cow suit! "We're rooting for those little balls". "Maybe you have the pick ". If it added pressure, that only emboldened Fox. See the draft order and lottery odds here . The odds of receiving the first pick -11.9 percent, second - 12.6 percent, third - 13.3 percent, fourth - 9.9 percent, fifth 35 percent, sixth - 16.1 percent and finally, seventh ...

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  • Prosecutor to review police neck restraint death

    Prosecutor to review police neck restraint death

    Sunday, which began with the man approaching two uniformed officers inside The Venetian casino-hotel. Police said the man was " acting erratic " and told the officers there were people "chasing him". A Venetian spokesman, Ron Reese, referred questions to police. Per deppolicy, the identity of the officer involved will be released after 48 hours, per department policy.

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  • Trump expresses desire to improve relations with Russia

    Trump expresses desire to improve relations with Russia

    In 2014, Russian Federation annexed Ukraine's Crimea region and backed separatists fighting government forces in eastern Ukraine, drawing widespread condemnation in Europe and the United States. President Donald Trump today asked Russian Federation to "work together" with the United States to end the Syrian conflict and underscored the need for Moscow to rein in the Bashar al-Assad regime there, and Iran and their "proxies".

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  • Abbas talks with Trump about peace with Israel

    President Donald Trump expressed confidence Wednesday that his administration can help the Israelis and the Palestinians find peace, a goal that has vexed US efforts for decades. And in his White House meeting with Netanyahu on February 15, Trump raised another sensitive issue: Israeli settlements on land in dispute with the Palestinians.

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  • Jordanian stabs Israeli officer in Jerusalem, shot dead

    Making no mention of the stabbing, Jordanian Minister for Media Affairs Mohammed Momani issued a statement calling Skaji's death a "crime" and saying that as Israel is the occupying force in Jerusalem, it is responsible for it. Others were shot dead during protests or clashes, while some were killed in Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip. Police said the attack was an act of terror.

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  • Lawyer: Trump Had No Income From Russians, With Some Exceptions

    Lawyer: Trump Had No Income From Russians, With Some Exceptions

    Flynn has previously sought immunity, a request backed by Trump in a tweet. The development comes a day after United States President Donald Trump, in a bid to sweep away the man who is responsible for an investigation into whether members of his campaign team colluded with Russian Federation in its interference in last year's elections, fired FBI director James Comey.

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  • SNP win the Scottish council elections

    She continued: "Last week's election result provides a great springboard for the general election here in Angus". The SNP amassed more councillors than in the 2012 local elections , thereby remaining the largest party in local government north of the border.

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  • Senate intel panel subpoenas Michael Flynn documents

    Senate intel panel subpoenas Michael Flynn documents

    One of those responses, from former Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page, is publicly known. Trump defended Flynn, saying he was a "very good person". Flynn served under Obama as defense intelligence chief before Obama dismissed him. Kristen Welker , White House correspondent for NBC News. Trump tweeted 31 March.

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