• Sen. John McCain: 'Wrong' to Leak Trump Dossier

    Sen. John McCain: 'Wrong' to Leak Trump Dossier

    Mr Trump remained in his Manhattan high-rise on Sunday, as his team worked to answer questions about his plans at home and overseas once he is sworn into office on Friday. In Washington, Rachel Sutherland, FOX News . Mr Trump has done little to encourage unity in recent days, instead inflaming tensions with his critics through a series of tweets.

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  • Dad of girls missing 31 years waiting for call

    Dad of girls missing 31 years waiting for call

    Kelly, now 32, and Kimberly, now 35, were not living with their mother but were in the Houston area. A missing-persons complaint was filed on August 26, 1985, by the girls' father, Russell Yates. Rhode Island State Police said Kimberly and Kelly have been interviewed and were given their fathers' phone number. He said they compared their photos with baby photos to help identify them.

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  • Victoria Beckham 'Calls In Lawyers' Over Spice Girls Reunion

    And now it looks like plans for the tour have been scuppered EVEN more as it's been reported that Victoria (aka Posh Spice) is apparently trying to block the group from playing their most popular hits. The 44-year-old is expecting her second child with husband Christian Horner, and is now in the the latter stages of her pregnancy. "I'm not going to name names - but yes", she said when asked if she was the target of abuse while in the "Girl Power" sensation.

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  • Tweeter-in-Chief: Trump to Maintain Personal Handle After Inauguration

    In an interview with The London Times , published on Sunday, Trump said, "I think I'll keep it", in response to a question about his personal account. Meanwhile, Obama's personal Twitter account that he established in March 2007 now has over 80 million followers. Donald Trump is a Twitter addict, and he'll never break the habit.

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  • The day when 'wet foot, dry foot' became policy and changed immigration

    The day when 'wet foot, dry foot' became policy and changed immigration

    The U.S. has been pressing Cuba to take back people who are not allowed to stay in the U.S. The Cuban government has always opposed wet-foot, dry-foot, arguing that the policy encouraged people to leave. Panama began humanitarian airlifts in May that sent more than 3,100 stranded Cubans north to Mexico at the US border. But he added, "From the humanitarian point of view, it's taking away the possibility of a better future from the people who are struggling in Cuba".

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  • David Sullivan: I won't let Dimitri Payet leave West Ham this month

    David Sullivan: I won't let Dimitri Payet leave West Ham this month

    Clearly fearing that fans could turn their anger on a decal at the stadium that bears Payet's chant, a steward was positioned there ahead of Saturday's fixture. "Let's be honest, if it wasn't for West Ham then we probably wouldn't even know who Payet is - they put him on the map and then he treats them like this", Merson commented in his predictions column for Sky Sports .

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  • USA tanks and troops arrive in Poland

    USA tanks and troops arrive in Poland

    Among their equipment will be 87 Abrams M1A1 tanks, 20 Paladin artillery vehicles and 136 Bradley fighting vehicles. "And this is not just a symbolic presence but one with a real capability". They also added that they don't appreciate having a large number of troops massed on their European border by a nation that isn't even European. U.S.

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  • US Set To Revoke Some Oil-Related Sanctions Against Sudan

    US Set To Revoke Some Oil-Related Sanctions Against Sudan

    The move in the last days of the Obama administration will however will be delayed by 180 days to see whether Sudan acts further to improve its human rights record, and resolve political and military conflicts, including in Darfur. But during the campaign, Walid Phares, who advised Trump on national security issues , suggested Trump was opposed to lifting sanctions on Sudan. Also, Sudan's Foreign Ministry Gharib Allah Khidir described the move as "important and positive development in the ...

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  • Princess Margaret's former husband has died, Buckingham Palace confirms

    Princess Margaret's former husband has died, Buckingham Palace confirms

    He met Margaret through his work and they got married in 1960. However, their marriage ended during the Millennium because Lord Snowdon was accused of having an extra marital affair. Lord Snowdon was one of the UK's most famous photographers. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Lord Snowdon at an exhibition of his photographs circa 1975 in NY.

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  • Snowboarder rides and survives avalanche because of backpack

    Snowboarder rides and survives avalanche because of backpack

    The video, apparently taken with a helmet-mounted camera, starts with Oye boarding across a steep slope. According to an earlier post, Oye received the airbag backpack as a birthday gift last month. The footage shows Oye being swept down the hillside and viewers can hear the motor pushing air quickly into his bag - which at first sounds like Oye screaming.

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  • Officials ID Trooper Shot and Wounded On I-10

    When he arrived on scene he discovered a vehicle had rolled over and the occupant, a woman, had been ejected from the vehicle. As he did so, an assailant struck. "I am glad that he was there and did what he did", Schober said about the Good Samaritan. He stopped to investigate, which is when he was blind-sided by a man with a gun.

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  • Dylann Roof given death sentence for killing nine black church members

    The last person to be federally sentenced to death was Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar "Jahar" Tsarnaev. Earlier, Roof addressed the jury, saying "I don't know what good it would do anyway" if they spared his life. The prosecutor has reviewed testimony they heard about each of the nine victims, as well as Roof's preparations for the shootings and the entrenchment of his hatred toward black people.

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  • Ahead of Trump, Canada Shakes up Its Cabinet

    Trump administration. The Canadian Press, citing sources, reported that the move would involve at least six people, including Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion. But politics is not the only way to serve one's country. With the United States being Canada's largest trading partner and Trump promising to rework the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada's relationship with its neighbor to the south is a crucial one.

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  • Auto bomb kills 13 civilians in Sadr city, Baghdad

    The deadliest was last week when a suicide bomber in another commercial area in Sadr City killed 41 people and wounded 64 others. Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Elsewhere in the city, a suicide bomber killed nine shoppers and wounded 16 others at a fruit and vegetable market in a mainly Shiite neighbourhood.

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  • Congress Certifies Trump Victory

    Congress Certifies Trump Victory

    I hear a great deal about eliminating the Electoral College because it is not democratic, and the victor of the popular vote should win the election. "Congress is convening for a joint session to certify the votes of the electoral college".

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  • Fugitive accused of military gun heist caught in MA

    Morales, 35, had escaped from the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, Rhode Island, on New Year's Eve, authorities said . MA state police say fugitive James Morales will be booked Thursday evening at the police barracks in Medford.

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  • Trump spokesman: President-elect wants more info on Russia

    He did not elaborate but the president-elect is scheduled to meet with intelligence community leaders next week to discuss the hacking, although he has previously said the country needs to "move on to bigger and better things". In a very brief report, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security sketched out the evidence it had to conclude Russian civilian and military intelligence services were behind the hacking.

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