• South Korea court says to rule on President Park's impeachment on Friday

    South Korea court says to rule on President Park's impeachment on Friday

    If the Constitutional Court rules on Friday to formally unseat Park, the country will have to hold a presidential election within 60 days. Park's office had no comment after the court's announcement Wednesday of when it would rule. Some experts believe the court is more likely to uphold Park's impeachment because the charges against her are more serious. The anti-Park rallies have been mostly peaceful, but some protesters said their "candles will turn into torches" if the court refuses to ...

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  • 2 killed when tree slams vehicle in strong winds

    2 killed when tree slams vehicle in strong winds

    Authorities say two people were killed when a tree crashed onto their vehicle as powerful winds ripped through central MI. The winds died down mid-evening Wednesday, and, as of early Thursday morning, DTE had the number down to about 670,000, and Consumers Energy down to 210,000.

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  • To mesh Syria fight, US, Turkey, Russia brass talk

    Yet Turkish expectations were clear. The U.S. and Russian Federation have found themselves teaming up for the first time in the war in Syria - against a country both call an ally: Turkey. The U.S. would continue to designate the PKK as terrorists, despite knowing the organic links in between, but would not call the YPG as terrorists. President Donald Trump has been vague about his plans, and has suggested the USA could work with Russian Federation.

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  • Poachers kill rhino for its horn at French zoo

    Poachers kill rhino for its horn at French zoo

    There are only around 21,000 white rhinos in the world today, and many were very angry at what had happened. It added that "his second horn was only partially cut, which suggests that the criminals were disturbed or that their equipment proved defective".

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  • Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn reportedly vandalized

    Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn reportedly vandalized

    The New York Police Department said Sunday there was no evidence of vandalism at a predominantly Jewish cemetery where more than 40 tombstones were toppled over. 'The police commissioner was down here, the crew chiefs, the bias unit was down here and they're taking it seriously'. "I've spoken with the New York Police Department (NYPD) who are investigating".

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  • USA shale producers renew their challenge to OPEC: Kemp

    USA shale producers renew their challenge to OPEC: Kemp

    Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brunei, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Sudan and South Sudan are the other non-OPEC producers party to the deal. "The announcements from OPEC over the last couple of weeks; the concerted effort to show the market that this deal that they struck in November", Love said.

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  • LeEco lays off 85% employees in India

    LeEco lays off 85% employees in India

    According to a new report , Chinese giant, LeEco, is contemplating an exit from the Indian smartphone market. It has only been four months that Jia Yueting, founder of LeEco, announced that his company was fast running out of cash, and now, as per reports, the company has fired 85% of its India staff, followed by two leadership exits.

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  • United States forces conduct more than 20 airstrikes on al Qaeda in Yemen

    Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said the strikes were aimed at degrading the group's ability to "coordinate external terror attacks" and to limit its use of Yemen as a "safe space for terror plotting". According to media reports , the operation's goal was to capture or kill the group's leader Qassim Rimi, who is considered the third most unsafe terrorist in the world and a master recruiter.

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  • Orlando nightclub shooter's wife to be released on bail

    A judge ruled that Noor Salman (left) could be freed on $500,000 bond as early as Friday. Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu cast doubt on the claims by federal prosecutors that the 31-year-old Salman is a flight risk or danger to public safety. Her lawyer, Charles Swift, sought Salman's release to her family, adding they would be willing to move to Florida, as prosecutors have said they want the case heard there.

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  • Russian Federation promises veto as UN Security Council to vote on Syria sanctions

    The picture in Geneva is now open to a range of options, unless Russian Federation adopts a softer position, one that does not duplicate what the Syrian regime insists on implementing. "The U.S.is not a direct participant in the UN-led talks", a spokesperson for the U.S. Mission in Geneva said. Both sides agreed on the need that the issue of fighting terrorism be among the priorities of the agenda of talks aimed at solving the crisis in Syria.

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  • Shrove (Fat) Tuesday pancake supper planned

    Helen Greenwood, Heidi Craig and Janice Keys preparing for Shrove Tuesday. But the findings also reveal that one-third of us don't know the meaning of the day and why it is celebrated. "Self-raising flour also works better than regular flour and if you are avoiding dairy, using soya or lactose-free milk will make no real difference to the taste".

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  • El Salvador's much-loved hippo Gustavito killed at zoo

    Zoo keepers did not realize that the animal had been injured until Thursday, however, when he started acting strangely, refusing to eat and spending most of his time curled up in his pool of water. The zoo's veterinarians found lacerations on the hippo's neck and face. Officials say the injuries appeared to come from "blunt and sharp objects".

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  • Church offers "Ashes To Go" for Ash Wednesday

    Ash Wednesday initiates the Lenten season of reflection and penitence which precedes Easter. Holy Covenant will offer the option at its 7 p.m. service Wednesday. The other key aspect of the day is that it is the start of the 40 days of prayer, fasting and almsgiving of Lent. But Senior acknowledged that the intent of those choosing glitter ashes isn't inappropriate.

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  • Kim Jong-nam Was Killed With Banned VX Nerve Agent

    Kim Jong-nam Was Killed With Banned VX Nerve Agent

    Indonesian citizen Siti Aishah and Vietnam native Doan Thi Huong-who may have been the infamous woman in the LOL shirt-were reportedly "good time girls" and may have only been paid the equivalent of $90 for their trouble. "She only said she was given a kind of oil, like baby oil". Several other suspects are being sought, including an official who worked at North Korea's embassy.

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  • Fox News interviews unknown Swedish 'security advisor' in crime debate

    Fox News interviews unknown Swedish 'security advisor' in crime debate

    Fox News was addressing President Trump's cryptic reference to "what happened last night" in Sweden from a few days earlier. On the February 23 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor , host Bill O'Reilly brought on a guest named Nils Bildt, who was introduced as "a Swedish defense and national security advisor", to discuss Sweden's refugee policies.

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